Three Ways To Relieve Stress

Of all the​ ways to​ relieve stress,​ meditation may be one of​ the​ best,​ but what if​ you​ don't have the​ time? What if​ you​ are having trouble with your meditation? Try one of​ the​ following three good techniques. They don't even require any practice.

Breath to​ Relieve Stress

If you​ don't feel like meditating or​ just don't have the​ time,​ you​ can at​ least stop for one minute to​ just breath. Just breath deeply through your nose and let the​ tension drain from your muscles as​ much as​ possible. Give special attention to​ the​ tightness in​ your face and shoulders. Deep breathing,​ even for a​ minute,​ can relax you​ significantly.

Resolve Your Stressors

As I was sitting here getting ready to​ write this,​ something was bothering me. on​ reflection,​ I realized I've been putting off making a​ phone call. I needed to​ tell a​ acquaintance that I couldn't testify in​ court as​ I said I would. She was disappointed,​ but as​ soon as​ I made the​ call I felt more relaxed.

Simply making decisions and taking action can be one of​ the​ most immediate ways to​ relieve stress. Take a​ moment whenever you​ feel stressed,​ identify the​ things in​ your mind that are contributing to​ your state,​ and then do something about them. That's all there is​ to​ this simple technique.

Almost. Naturally,​ you​ can't resolve everything that is​ bothering you​ at​ any given moment. Still,​ what you​ can do is​ take some action. Indecisiveness,​ waiting,​ wondering and worrying cause stress. Even if​ you​ just make a​ list of​ what you​ need to​ do,​ your mind will often let these things go. Start a​ list,​ talk to​ someone,​ make a​ decision - just do something to​ let the​ stressor go.

Do Things you​ Enjoy

On Friday nights,​ when I play chess at​ the​ coffee house,​ I don't think about anything else for four hours. When you​ are totally engaged in​ an​ activity,​ there isn't room for stressful thoughts. Fully engaged,​ though,​ usually means that it's something we enjoy doing.

While physical activity has some advantages,​ you​ can try doing anything that you​ can put your whole mind into. That could be reading a​ good book,​ cooking,​ or​ playing with the​ dog. Notice which activities really engage you​ and let you​ drop your worries,​ and keep that mental list handy for whenever you​ are stressed. When your passionate activity is​ also your job or​ business,​ this can be one of​ the​ best ways to​ relieve stress.
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