Three Stress Relief Techniques

Three Stress Relief Techniques

There is​ good stress,​ and there is​ bad stress. Good stress is​ the​ type that propels a​ person to​ excel,​ to​ reach new heights or​ to​ complete a​ big project on​ time.

And there is​ bad stress. Stress that comes from conflict or​ worries. Stress that keeps a​ person from sleeping and happiness. Stress that calls for relief. Here are three stress-relief tips you​ can follow.

Meditation for stress relief.

Can there be a​ more obvious stress relief strategy than to​ bring your entire physical being to​ a​ calm? Meditation techniques often involve visualization of​ something calm,​ like a​ blank screen or​ clouds. or​ it​ can mean clearing your mind entirely.

If stress is​ caused by how we allow our minds to​ captured by worries and fears,​ then replacing those worries and fears with calmer images is​ the​ obvious way to​ reduce stress.

You can sign up for a​ free course on​ meditation techniques to​ reduce stress at​ my website.

Exercise to​ reduce stress.

If relaxing to​ a​ state where even your blood vessels are almost still is​ the​ ultimate in​ stress relief,​ surely exercise,​ which gets even your blood pumping at​ breakneck speed,​ must be the​ ultimate stress demon.

Not so. Exercise is​ a​ big stress reliever. in​ fact,​ the​ bigger the​ muscles you​ exercise,​ the​ more less stress you​ will bear. That's because exercise releases physical tension in​ the​ muscles.

Here's another tip: exercise in​ water to​ reduce stress even more. Why? Because you​ are more buoyant on​ water; gravity takes a​ much gentler toll on​ your body,​ so the​ tension created in​ your muscles just by holding you​ up gets released. For the​ ultimate stress release,​ exercise in​ water. or​ meditate in​ water. or​ laugh in​ water.

Laughter reduces stress,​ too.

Yes,​ laughter also relieves stress. the​ muscles we use to​ laugh are those tense ones in​ our faces. When we loosen them,​ we release tension from our faces. We also allow more blood to​ flow to​ the​ pleasure centers of​ the​ brain (which might be why someone with a​ 'good sense of​ humor' is​ considered more attractive).

I think I will close with this excerpt from my newsletter,​ a​ Daily Dose of​ Happiness,​ which shows the​ value of​ a​ little creative humor:

"Little Lady was guarding the​ space between the​ trees,​ as​ I tried to​ kick her little ball past her.

"Then an​ idea struck me. Off to​ the​ side lay a​ large,​ purple fit ball that the​ kids like to​ be bounced on. a​ rushed over,​ rolled it​ into the​ clearing and kicked it​ toward Little Lady. 'Giant Blueberry Soccer!' I shouted. She laughed.

"For the​ next ten or​ fifteen minutes,​ we rolled and licked and laughed and shouted,​ "Giant Blueberry Soccer!"

"What a​ great family moment,​ stress relief,​ joy-injector,​ fun and more. My formula was simple,​ and you​ can do it​ too. Look around and find something that just would not belong,​ like a​ too-big ball. Then imagine what it​ might be,​ like a​ blueberry. Then thrust it​ into your situation with all the​ gusto you​ can apply.

"Have fun."

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