Three Simple Ways To Dissolve Stress Using Only Paper And A Pen

Twenty-first century life can be defined using one word - stressful! the​ noise,​ the​ deadlines,​ money,​ expectations,​ and time restraints. Sleep deprivation and food cravings,​ where does it​ all end? as​ busy as​ we are,​ taking care of​ all the​ things that pass our way,​ the​ truth is​ that we create an​ enormous amount of​ stress for ourselves. Our minds are stress factories,​ constantly taking in​ information,​ processing it,​ and creating unnecessary panic that we add to​ our drained emotions.

The good news is​ that you​ can do something about this! the​ truth is,​ sometimes we just think too much. We spend hours thinking about things we have to​ do,​ things we want to​ say,​ things we want to​ buy or​ find,​ etc. We replay our mistakes over and over in​ our heads. No wonder we have no energy! Instead of​ using your time and energy storing all this stuff in​ your head,​ put your thoughts on​ paper.

1. Things to​ do
One wing of​ this mental stress factory is​ named,​ "Things I have to​ do." Don't rely on​ your memory to​ get you​ to​ all your important appointments. When it​ fails you​ you'll be three times as​ upset. Maintain lists of​ things to​ do,​ and mark next to​ each task how long the​ task will take. Number tasks in​ the​ order in​ which you​ should perform them or​ group them by priority. This will help you​ break your larger projects into smaller tasks so they don't seem overwhelming,​ and will prevent you​ from forgetting important deadlines.

When you​ assign each task a​ time limit,​ you​ can also schedule them right into your day planner. Then you​ can see that you​ only have to​ struggle through your thesis in​ thirty-minute increments,​ and then you're free to​ go out and play. Bonus!

2. Things to​ say
The stress factory in​ our heads has another wing named,​ "What I want to​ say." Amazing creatures as​ we are,​ we regularly spend hours and hours thinking about conversations,​ arguments,​ presentations,​ and situations in​ our head. at​ the​ end of​ it​ all,​ we're entirely exhausted,​ and the​ real work hasn't even begun!

If you're stuck on​ a​ conversation with yourself,​ write it​ down. You'll remove the​ worry of​ trying to​ remember what you're going to​ tell your boss when you​ give your notice,​ or​ how to​ phrase that difficult question to​ your son. Your mind will be free to​ move on​ to​ other,​ more important and enjoyable tasks.

3. Learning experiences
The most challenging output that you​ get from this stress factory comes from the​ wing titled,​ "What I did wrong." Life is​ one learning experience after another,​ cunningly disguised as​ something we like to​ call "failure." in​ the​ age of​ better-faster-stronger-first,​ we're not encouraged to​ make mistakes. the​ winning ticket goes to​ those who can do it​ right the​ first time,​ straight out of​ the​ chute. Just because this mindset is​ popular doesn't make it​ right,​ and when we don't get the​ results we expected,​ we're overly harsh about it.

Just like a​ conversation,​ work out your situation on​ paper. What happened? How did it​ happen? What did you​ learn? What questions will you​ ask next time? What do you​ need to​ complete the​ experience? End your journaling with a​ short note to​ yourself,​ congratulating yourself on​ being smart enough to​ allow yourself to​ learn something new. This is​ the​ essence of​ self-growth,​ which all strong and intelligent people must accept and embrace.

We know how self-defeating our negative thoughts can be,​ but who would have thought that most of​ these thoughts could be tamed so easily? Practice these techniques often,​ and enjoy the​ lifestyle that comes with having less stress and anxiety. All it​ takes is​ paper and a​ pen!

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