Three Golden Ways Steps To Mar Stress

Three Golden Ways Steps To Mar Stress

Ask a​ literary person how to​ deal with stress & he will say you,​ do it​ the​ way Shakespeare,​ Wordsworth & Shelley did. Or,​ read the​ positivity of​ their writings and you​ will be stress free.

Ask a​ modern stress management guru & he will come out with a​ whole set of​ CDs,​ manuals and modern techniques to​ beat the​ stress.

…different people have different ways to​ mar the​ stress.

What do you​ prefer? the​ object is​ one Stress Management. Let’s find out one by one how you​ can lead a​ stress free life.

Step 1: Gush into the​ literature:

“UNDER the​ greenwood tree,​
Who loves to​ lie with me,​
And turn his merry note
Unto the​ sweet bird’s throat,​
Come hither,​ come hither,​ come hither:
Here shall he see
No enemy
But winter and rough weather
–William Shakespeare

Then let not what I cannot have
My cheer of​ mind destroy;
Whilst thus I sing,​ I am a​ king,​
Although a​ poor blind boy.
–Colley Cibber

Its simple. Just read the​ above lines again and again,​ and get at​ the​ meaning of​ the​ words,​ through your heart!

Step 2: Introspect

What is​ stress?
Stress is​ the​ state of​ your mind!

What is​ mind?
Mind is​ a​ bundle of​ thoughts.

When your mind unnecessarily ponders about the​ bundle of​ thoughts,​ stress takes control of​ your personality!

What is​ the​ solution then?
The stressful thoughts will have to​ be changed to​ sincere and pleasing thoughts- and as​ the​ wise saying goes:

When the​ Thoughts are changed,​ the​ Mind is​ changed,​
When the​ Mind is​ changed,​ the​ Man is​ changed,​
When the​ Man is​ changed,​ the​ Society is​ changed,​
When the​ Society is​ changed,​ the​ Nation is​ changed,​
And when the​ Nations change for the​ better,​ we say there is​ plenty and prosperity all over the​ world!

It is​ so simple-oh,​ man,​ you​ have complicated the​ issue,​ beyond the​ tolerable proportions and that is​ the​ reason for your stress!

Step 3: the​ modern stress management techniques:

All the​ modern stress management techniques,​ the​ lengthy lectures on​ causes of​ stress,​ the​ bulky books on​ the​ subject,​ become a​ kindergarten stuff,​ as​ compared to​ your ability to​ control your mind. When you​ establish control on​ the​ rapid and agile movements of​ the​ mind,​ where is​ stress?

Do not think that by controlling the​ mind,​ you​ are curbing its normal and useful activities. it​ is​ just like the​ horse,​ galloping ahead,​ but well-controlled by the​ jeans!

If the​ stress is​ related to​ your health,​ it​ is​ another matter,​ it​ needs to​ be tackled in​ consultations with health professionals and good psychologists. Severe health problems,​ combined with stress,​ can be fatal also. Share your views,​ sorrows and health related concerns with your friends and well-wishers. you​ may get valuable advise and unburdening the​ stressful thoughts in​ your mind,​ will itself relieve you​ to​ a​ great extent!

The mind tools,​ thus,​ have a​ definite role to​ play in​ taking the​ stress out of​ your personality.

Three Golden Ways Steps To Mar Stress

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