The Stress Of People Who Stutter

The Stress Of People Who Stutter

Many people become affected by different levels of​ stress. This stress may be caused by worrying about money,​ work,​ relationships,​ health,​ family,​ holidays,​ moving house or​ many other daily issues. For certain people who live life with a​ stuttering problem,​ stress can have an​ altogether different meaning. as​ well as​ worrying about all of​ the​ above issues they have many other things to​ stress about,​ things that fluent people just take for granted and see as​ very simple tasks/events.

I will take as​ an​ example a​ young man who is​ eighteen years of​ age,​ I will call him Peter. Peter has had a​ problem with his speech for as​ long as​ he can remember and has what is​ known as​ a​ stutter or​ stammer. Despite attending regular speech therapy classes,​ Peter has continued to​ be affected by this form of​ speech impediment and is​ starting to​ become very concerned about the​ future.

The first area of​ concern for Peter is​ his career prospects. He worries that quite a​ lot of​ employers may be reluctant to​ employ somebody who has a​ speech impediment and even if​ he is​ able to​ gain employment he worries about how he will cope in​ the​ workplace when he is​ unable to​ talk fluently. Routine tasks such as​ answering the​ telephone,​ having a​ conversation with a​ colleague,​ having a​ meeting with his team leader are things that cause Peter a​ lot of​ stress. This stress is​ affecting Peter before he has even got the​ job,​ what will he be like therefore once he has one.

Peter also stresses about love and marriage. He has yet to​ have a​ girlfriend,​ which he puts down to​ his lack of​ overall confidence and ability to​ chat them up. He would however dearly love to​ meet a​ woman with whom he could call his own girlfriend but worries that no girl/woman would want to​ date somebody who has a​ stutter. Even if​ he were to​ meet a​ girl,​ he then worries about all of​ the​ social aspects that go with having a​ girlfriend,​ such as​ meeting her parents and friends. Peter has never been one for socialising and prefers to​ spend time on​ his own relaxing. When he is​ on​ his own Peter never has a​ problem with speech and can say any word without the​ fear of​ stuttering.

Marriage is​ something Peter is​ almost certain he will not be getting involved with. the​ thought of​ having to​ stand up in​ front of​ a​ crowd of​ people,​ to​ give a​ speech,​ fills him up with dread. Peter can not imagine himself ever having the​ courage or​ confidence to​ be able to​ do that.

For people out there who are stressed about something,​ spare a​ thought for people who stutter as​ they have probably got it​ a​ whole lot worse than you.

The Stress Of People Who Stutter

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