The Stress Of Car Boot Sales

Spend the​ whole day before the​ event organising your clutter. in​ and out of​ the​ loft,​ back and forth to​ the​ shed. All those arguments about what can and can't go.

Clean your clutter. Well you​ do want a​ good price for it​ at​ the​ car boot sale!

Check that your car can carry the​ huge weight of​ the​ clutter to​ your local car boot ...

Check your cars tyres,​ check the​ petrol gauge. Complete all the​ rudimentary checks would normally undertake before going on​ a​ journey with half a​ ton of​ extra weight in​ the​ back.

Pack your car with the​ newly identified clutter.

Repack your car several times with the​ newly identified clutter until it​ actually fits.

Unpack your clutter when you​ realise your partner will not be able to​ get in​ the​ car.

Optional - Repack your car but leave several items out so your partner can get in​ the​ car. Or,​ buy a​ bigger car (or van,​ or​ lorry).

Plan your route. Take into consideration the​ extra time needed to​ travel this distance. There will be several thousand other cars doing the​ same journey.

Congratulations! - So,​ you're ready for the​ off in​ the​ morning. It's only taken you​ all day to​ sort the​ clutter and the​ car out.

Set your alarm clock for 5 o'clock in​ the​ morning – this is​ the​ very latest time you​ should look at​ getting out of​ bed.

Car boot sale day …

It is​ morning and you​ now ache from all the​ hard work you​ accomplished the​ day before. Well,​ the​ day has just begun (although it​ may still be dark).

Be sure to​ make yourself a​ hearty breakfast. if​ you're going on​ your own you​ won't be able to​ leave the​ rear of​ your vehicle to​ get some food as​ someone might steal your clutter and your car (or parts of​ the​ car to​ sell on​ their stall).

Panic – you​ suddenly remember that you​ will need a​ table to​ set out your clutter on. the​ pasting table you​ used to​ decorate the​ bedroom. the​ rails you​ used to​ hang your clothes on​ whilst you​ decorated your bedroom. These are the​ perfect car boot sale accessories!

The journey to​ the​ car boot sale …

You now set off on​ your journey to​ the​ car boot sale. a​ few hours later and a​ few miles up the​ road you​ realise that it's a​ bit foggy. it​ is​ not foggy. it​ is​ the​ fumes from all the​ cars on​ the​ road in​ front of​ you.

Eventually,​ you​ make it​ into the​ field where the​ car boot sale is​ being held. it​ is​ muddy. Did you​ bring an​ old pair of​ boots? Have a​ quick look round to​ see if​ anyone is​ selling some.

The car boot sale …

You pay your pitch fee and you​ park your car. It's not so bad. the​ grass will grow again – some day.

Time to​ set up and wait for the​ first customer. But before you​ can get anything out,​ herds of​ strange folk come up to​ you​ and ask very forward questions. Like,​ "do you​ have any toys?". These people are dealers,​ they prey on​ the​ unsuspecting,​ looking for the​ ultimate bargain.

Now the​ following is​ more than likely to​ happen,​ considering this is​ Britain and here comes the​ rain. Did you​ bring the​ brolly? Remember,​ people pay less for soggy goods.

The customers flock by and some even stop to​ have a​ look. you​ feel uncomfortable. These people are looking at​ your personal belongings. They may be old but they are part of​ your history. Are they judging you? All you​ want is​ to​ get rid of​ the​ stuff and maybe earn enough money to​ recoup all you​ have laid out for the​ day.

Counting the​ cost of​ the​ car boot sale …

The sale of​ your clutter goes quite well – not always the​ case. the​ average booter will take between £15 and £30. (Then spend it​ on​ buying more clutter). the​ obvious wear and tear on​ your poor vehicle or​ the​ time used to​ complete this exercise is​ not even included.

So the​ whole day has cost you​ a​ fiver. Well,​ at​ least you​ got rid of​ that unwanted clutter. All you've got to​ do now is​ find a​ place for the​ new clutter. And what about all the​ stuff you​ didn't manage to​ sell?

It's been a​ long day. No! It's been a​ long weekend! Did you​ really need all that stress?

The average cost for the​ day is​ as​ follows …



Entrance Fee:

Lunch and snacks

Other clutter purchased


Seriously though,​ boot sales are a​ tried and trusted way to​ buy and sell but there are alternatives. Try

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