The Stress Of Alzheimers

The Stress Of Alzheimers
There is​ no cure for Alzheimer but care and cure can go along way in​ improving the​ condition as​ the​ disease is​ considered to​ be life threatening and has no permanent cure whatsoever .​
However,​ alternative medicine help is​ being sought in​ order to​ help the​ condition .​
These includes herbs and dietary supplements .​
But the​ challenges faced by alternative medication are that the​ safety and effectiveness is​ unknown .​
Purity is​ also an​ issue,​ as​ FDA has no authority over supplement production .​
Side effects and reactions are goes unnoticed and documented in​ most cases and closes the​ door to​ further research .​
Consumers rarely read the​ warnings and in​ some cases they are not even documented on​ the​ product .​
Most of​ the​ supplements are known to​ counteract with the​ prescribed medication and can seriously accelerate one or​ more adverse reactions .​
According to​ a​ recent study 1 out of​ 10 elderlies suffer from this disorder and by 2050 14 millions in​ America are probable to​ suffer from this disease .​
The disease has seven stages and the​ duration of​ suffering varies from three to​ twenty years .​
The disease is​ inherited in​ most cases .​
In few cases it​ is​ acquired due to​ physical illness clubbed with irrational habits such as​ drugs,​ drinking and smoking .​
As the​ disease is​ labeled as​ the​ most complex disease any permanent cure has not been reached as​ of​ yet .​
People from Alzheimer suffer for years,​ and their sufferings are not limited physically but more so psychologically and emotionally .​
Eventually they die after suffering for 6 years after diagnosis however their neurological system is​ affected by disease much before that at​ times even for twenty to​ twenty five years .​
The worst experience for the​ patients is​ that they die in​ midst of​ strangers as​ they forget their family and friends and keep tracing their identity till they are consumed by the​ disease completely.
But it​ becomes all the​ more difficult for the​ people who take care of​ the​ patient,​ as​ they have to​ cope with stress in​ all orders from physically,​ financially and emotionally .​
Their resources are consumed in​ the​ medication for the​ illness that can continue for years altogether without any hope of​ recovery .​
They can make it​ more comfortable for the​ patient by sticking names on​ the​ photograph of​ family members and keep it​ in​ view of​ the​ patient .​
They can also stick tags on​ drawers on​ the​ basis of​ its content .​
Placing a​ list of​ phone number of​ doctor,​ friends and relatives also helps the​ person incase he wants to​ reach anyone .​
By keeping the​ person involved in​ favorite activities can keep the​ stress of​ recalling at​ bay .​
In the​ late stages of​ his disease religious books could be read out to​ him and music can be played to​ soothe him .​
But nothing comes close to​ the​ physical proximity of​ near and dear ones at​ such time of​ distress .​
During all this while stress is​ sure to​ take a​ toll on​ the​ caregiver so the​ caregiver must enroll in​ relevant forums and community service organizations .​
All this while many emotions can victimize the​ caregiver such as​ grief,​ guilt,​ anger,​ embarrassment,​ and loneliness .​
Discussions with other caregivers help in​ venting out feelings and sharing different techniques to​ further ease their job .​
As there is​ nothing as​ intriguing as​ to​ see the​ near one suffer and nearing to​ death .​
At times it​ can be physically challenging too .​
So help should be sought such as​ hiring day care or​ nurses at​ a​ later stage.

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