The Lure Of Quick Easy Money Can It Really Be Achieved

The Lure Of Quick Easy Money Can It Really Be Achieved

The Lure Of Quick Easy Money - Can It Really Be Achieved
A common theme in​ the​ many get-rich-quick home business offerings that are currently available is​ the​ emphasis on​ the​ lack of​ effort required to​ make a​ substantial income .​
I​ am a​ corporate computer guy .​
As such,​ by nature I​ tend to​ attempt to​ apply logic to​ most things .​
It absolutely astounds me that people believe that they can work from home and type a​ few things on​ their computer each day and then the​ money will just come flowing in​ .​
The promoters claims are that all the​ hard work has been done for you and everything is​ automated and simple .​
All you have to​ do is​ PAY to​ have access to​ these incredible money making systems .​
Reverse Funnel System,​ Road Map to​ Riches,​ Passport to​ Wealth,​ blah,​ blah,​ blah .​
I​ say,​ poppycock & bunkum!
Now that said,​ it​ would be logical to​ conclude that indeed,​ significant money CAN be made with a​ home based internet business .​
After all,​ like millions,​ I​ myself do an​ amazing amount of​ consumer product shopping online .​
Someone is​ making money from marketing to​ the​ masses! But I​ don't believe that the​ significant money can typically be made in​ the​ no effort,​ get-rich-quick manner .​
Any degree of​ success WILL take education,​ direction and qualified mentoring along with a​ significant effort in​ the​ application of​ what you have been taught .​
Most work from home internet businesses fail primarily because the​ objective is​ to​ market and sell and the​ business owner is​ clueless about even the​ basic fundamentals required to​ do that effectively and successfully .​
There is​ a​ LOT more to​ internet marketing than posting as​ many classified's as​ possible and spam eMailing.
Now,​ paying to​ be EDUCATED is​ an​ entirely different prospect to​ that of​ paying for a​ proclaimed money making system which if​ it​ fails you have no remedial options to​ explore because you are not equipped .​
More of​ my logic - if​ something - anything - is​ not working it​ must be changed .​
To make change you must,​ ideally,​ have a​ repertoire of​ alternative approaches and be skilled in​ deciding which to​ deploy dependent upon circumstances .​
Now why would one think that the​ same disciplines do not apply to​ a​ home based internet business? .​
Because of​ the​ luring advertised guarantee/promise of​ success?
I work from home already in​ my corporate job but with the​ current economic climate I​ decided to​ explore additional feasible work at​ home income streams .​
I​ was taken aback by the​ sheer volume of​ offerings and researching as​ many as​ possible continues to​ be a​ daunting task .​
Many that I​ encounter I​ immediately discard and those that capture my eye often get defeated by my ingrained skepticism .​
Searching on​ keywords HOME BUSINESS SCAM and business name SCAM assists with discrediting/eliminating process.
My search continued in​ a​ tenacious manner until I​ stumbled across the​ Wealth Funnel System .​
My first impression was another pay to​ get-rich-quick promise .​
But digging deeper,​ it​ became apparent that this was different from the​ masses .​
The emphasis was on​ equipping yourself with education that could and should be used in​ ANY internet business venture .​
The founder has painstakingly compiled a​ full suite of​ tutorials that cover a​ variety of​ facets of​ the​ internet marketing business,​ from industry terms to​ resources to​ application .​
THIS would be my repertoire of​ alternative approaches,​ I​ thought .​
It is​ sourced by a​ seasoned professional and in​ my opinion is​ the​ true value of​ the​ inevitable business investment .​
I​ can exploit the​ provided income streams and with confidence pursue others independently to​ grow my business .​
Somewhat like those that have been to​ college and pursued marketing as​ a​ career...
Despite my natural tendency to​ apply logic ,​ I​ am also a​ huge advocate of​ the​ old saying Nothing Ventured,​ Nothing Gained .​
At minimum I​ have the​ resources to​ learn how to​ start,​ manage and grow my business .​
Also,​ what is​ fulfilling is​ my Wealth Funnel System mentor has NEVER failed to​ respond to​ any contact I​ have initiated .​
Most of​ the​ time the​ phone is​ answered on​ the​ first attempt.

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