The Key To Protecting Your Money

The Key To Protecting Your Money

The Key To Protecting Your Money
Have you ever experienced a​ major paradigm shift? You know,​ the​ kind where you think you already know something about something.. .​
But suddenly,​ you learn something new about that 'something' that changes your whole perspective and outlook on​ the​ topic .​
If so,​ then you know exactly what I'm talking about .​
Now,​ you know that something this powerful doesn't happen everyday .​
But somehow you kind of​ wished it​ did .​
So,​ what if​ there was an​ almost-magical,​ top-secret way you could rest totally secure in​ the​ fact that your money was totally safe...and were absolutely sure that nothing bad would ever happen to​ you .​
What if​ your money constantly increased exponentially without you having to​ work a​ minute longer or​ a​ calorie harder? Wouldn't that be really,​ really cool?
And on​ top of​ that...every time you faced a​ difficult situation you knew exactly what to​ do to​ get that breakthrough solution you happen to​ be need?
Did you know that there is​ a​ rock-solid,​ scriptural principle that you can accept by faith and watch unfold before your very eyes!
Here it​ is:
...Bring the​ whole tithe into the​ storehouse,​ that there may be food in​ my house and test me now in​ this,​ says the​ LORD of​ Hosts,​ if​ I​ will not open the​ windows of​ heaven,​ and pour you out a​ blessing,​ that there shall not be room enough for it .​
I​ will rebuke the​ devourer for you sakes,​ and he shall not destroy the​ fruits of​ your ground; neither shall your vine cast its fruit before its time in​ the​ field,​ says the​ LORD of​ Hosts .​
Malachi 3:10,​11
How powerful is​ that? All you have to​ do is​ tithe what you get and you will be blessed .​
All of​ your assets will be protected .​
This is​ way better than any kind of​ insurance you could purchase anywhere!
And on​ top of​ that,​ not only will you be protected,​ but the​ Living God (Creator of​ the​ entireuniverse) will open up the​ windows of​ heaven upon you,​ and pour out so many blessings upon you that you won't have room enough to​ receive it​ all!
How cool is​ that? What are you waiting for? Go pay your tithes!
Look at​ this way .​
If the​ Living God were to​ say to​ you right now,​ Stand on​ your head for 15 minutes every day at​ 6:00 a.m .​
and you will exponentially increase the​ amount of​ money you make each week .​
Would you do it? I​ tell you what...I sure would .​
So,​ why do time-tested,​ proven concepts seem so difficult to​ comprehend? It's like they're hidden right in​ front of​ our eyes .​
All we​ have to​ do to​ see them is​ open up our eyes .​
Open your eyes,​ and take a​ look around .​
You might be surprised at​ what you start to​ see.

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