The Key To Personal Development And Stress Reduction And Maybe Even World Peace

The Key To Personal Development And Stress Reduction And Maybe Even
World Peace

Wherever you​ are right now,​ stop everything (this is​ important). Take just a​ moment and sit back in​ your seat. Now,​ put your hands on​ your abdomen with you​ fingertips barely touching. on​ your next inhale separate your fingertips by breathing deeply and slowly into your belly,​ allowing your breath to​ push them apart. Then exhale slowly so that your fingertips come back together. When you’ve finished,​ try it​ again.

There. That’s it…THE key to​ unlocking the​ door to​ your own growth and evolvement,​ to​ managing and actually reducing the​ stress in​ your life,​ and to​ setting in​ motion a​ small but resounding ripple in​ the​ betterment of​ the​ world.

Sound ridiculous? Are you​ wondering how one deep breath can claim to​ accomplish so much? the​ answer lies not in​ the​ biological functioning of​ the​ breath,​ but in​ its ability to​ focus attention,​ to​ bring mind and body into sync and release the​ present from concerns over the​ past or​ future. And when this happens time and space is​ created for deepening self-knowledge and awareness,​ which in​ turn leads to​ more purposeful,​ engaged and inspired living.

Sitting quietly for five,​ ten,​ twenty minutes a​ day,​ following your breath,​ is​ a​ good way to​ begin creating a​ personal practice of​ what is​ called “mindfulness.” in​ today’s speed-of-light world,​ it’s common to​ feel scattered…for the​ mind to​ be thinking about one thing,​ while the​ heart reaches toward another and the​ body hangs out in​ the​ space-time continuum. Mindfulness is​ about bringing all these aspects of​ the​ self together. It’s about becoming fully and deeply present,​ aware of​ each passing moment. And the​ simplest,​ easiest and best place to​ begin is​ the​ breath.

Though it​ won’t stop there. When you​ become intentional in​ the​ practice of​ being mindful a​ deeper process will be triggered. the​ ability to​ focus on​ your own inner experience and to​ become fully present will begin to​ flow into every aspect of​ your life…into your words,​ and thoughts and actions…into your relationships and work and personal endeavors. you​ will wake and realize that you​ are,​ maybe for the​ first time,​ actually experiencing the​ moments of​ your existence.

But how does that transfer to​ saving the​ world?

Peace,​ and all roads that lead to​ it​ and from it,​ begin with the​ individual. Peaceful individuals create peaceful homes,​ create peaceful communities,​ create peaceful nations,​ create a​ peaceful world.

To truly make progress in​ your own growth and development…to make the​ deepest impact possible on​ the​ state of​ the​ planet,​ begin with your self. Learn the​ art of​ mindfulness. Devote 2…5…10…30 minutes a​ day to​ practicing presence. Take time each day to​ show up fully. Get to​ know yourself. Create your own personal practice. it​ can include anything that stills the​ mind,​ quiets the​ heart,​ calms the​ spirit,​ inspires the​ soul…breathing,​ meditation,​ walking,​ prayer,​ dance,​ art,​ journaling …the purpose is​ to​ take time to​ be in​ this world of​ doing,​ to​ bring peace to​ your self so that when you​ venture into the​ world you​ carry it​ with you​ like a​ lantern you​ pass on​ to​ others.

So take another moment,​ another breath. But this time,​ breathe like you​ mean it. it​ is​ the​ key to​ your own growth,​ and just may be the​ key to​ the​ healing of​ the​ world.

The Key To Personal Development And Stress Reduction And Maybe Even
World Peace

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