The Great Stress Reducer Instant Online Approval

The Great Stress Reducer,​ Instant Online Approval
In my vast experience within the​ realm of​ credit - and personally debt,​ lots of​ debt - I've found that instant approval credit cards are pleasant to​ acquire .​
It's similar to​ going to​ a​ job interview and being told by the​ receptionist that you​ can have the​ job.
Now this may be because of​ over a​ decade of​ baseball I've played (the decade where you​ learn how to​ play,​ not the​ decade of​ being able to​ do it​ as​ a​ job),​ but the​ comparison that arose in​ my mind,​ the​ first time I​ received an​ instant approval card,​ was that of​ a​ pitcher throwing the​ ball over the​ centerfield fence for you,​ without you​ ever lifting the​ bat from your shoulder.
Maybe that's a​ stretch,​ but you​ get the​ idea .​
It's nice .​
All the​ stress and strain and worrying that comes with the​ approval process normally is​ not present .​
Just a​ straightforward 'yes,​ absolutely,​ you​ can have some credit.'
I should mention,​ though,​ that there is​ usually a​ down side to​ a​ good thing,​ and instant approval credit cards are no exception .​
If your credit is​ not up to​ the​ issuer's tastes,​ you​ will be met with an​ equally quick 'no.' This can feel like being pegged by that same pitcher while you​ sit in​ the​ dugout putting on​ batting gloves or​ eating a​ sunflower seed.
I will say,​ though,​ having been through rejections and approvals of​ many degrees,​ that an​ instant 'nope' is​ better than a​ 'no way you're getting one of​ these' response that you​ waited weeks to​ hear,​ which is​ a​ fate one can encounter with other cards.
Now there is​ one mistake that ought to​ be avoided with instant approval credit cards .​
When you​ get your application approved,​ remember it​ is​ the​ credit aspect that is​ instant,​ not the​ physical card .​
It takes usually a​ business week or​ two for your card to​ actually arrive in​ the​ mail.
I discovered this the​ hard way .​
I​ received my instant approval online while I​ was shopping around the​ Internet for old rock and roll paraphernalia .​
My heart was nearly broken when I​ could not immediately purchase a​ frayed and slightly burnt guitar strap that once belonged to​ the​ rhythm guitar player for a​ band that opened for Credence Clearwater Revival .​
What? What? Don't look at​ me like that .​
You've probably purchased weirder things online than that,​ come on.
Anyway,​ that was how I​ learned that instant approval doesn't mean instant license to​ spend,​ which ought to​ be kept in​ mind for those of​ you​ about to​ get a​ card .​
Also,​ remember that instant approval does not mean a​ definite yes,​ it​ means an​ instant thumb-up or​ thumb-down .​
But you​ have to​ admit,​ the​ prospect of​ knowing in​ seconds what you​ normally wait days or​ weeks to​ find out is​ an​ attractive possibility .​
And while not all cards issuers will respond within a​ minute or​ two,​ most online applications are processed quickly .​
a​ electronic reply can be had in​ no more than a​ couple days .​
And that beats the​ postal reply method hands-down.

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