The Florida Buyers Rebate Is Money In Your Pocket

The Florida Buyers Rebate Is Money In Your Pocket

The Florida Buyers Rebate is​ Money in​ Your Pocket
In Orlando,​ Florida,​ new homes are springing up everywhere .​
The area is​ booming with newcomers,​ tourists,​ retirees,​ and even second homeowners who enjoy vacationing in​ Orlando every year .​
Even the​ number of​ people who are securing preconstruction condos and homes is​ on​ the​ rise .​
What does this mean for you? Plenty of​ opportunity! And with the​ Florida buyers rebate,​ you can now even receive cash back just for building a​ new home.
What is​ a​ New Home Rebate?
A new home rebate is​ issued to​ you when you build a​ new home construction .​
New homebuilders offer a​ standard commission of​ 3% to​ licensed Florida Realtors .​
As a​ buyer,​ you are protected by law so the​ builder doesn't up your price to​ pay this commission .​
On the​ other hand,​ the​ price also remains the​ same even if​ you do not go through a​ broker .​
So,​ the​ builder pockets the​ commission .​
The builder is​ not allowed to​ pay this commission directly to​ you,​ but to​ a​ licensed Realtor only .​
When you do use a​ Realtor,​ the​ Realtor can in​ turn offer you a​ percentage of​ their commissions just for using their services.
One particular service being offered by a​ Realtor in​ Orlando,​ Florida right now is​ the​ amazing 2% new home rebate .​
With this Florida buyer's rebate,​ you could receive anywhere from $2,​000 up to​ $30,​000 in​ rebate money .​
This new homebuyer's incentive not only gives you extra money in​ your pocket,​ but also gives you incentive to​ use a​ Realtor's services for building your new home in​ Orlando .​
These services can save you time and money because the​ Realtor will be able to​ guide you through the​ process .​
They've done it​ plenty of​ times before and know all the​ ins and outs of​ building a​ new construction home .​
You can save yourself from many headaches by using a​ Realtor's services.
Benefits of​ the​ New Home Rebate
There are many benefits when you take advantage of​ a​ new home rebate .​
An obvious benefit is​ that the​ rebate is​ money in​ your pocket after building your new home .​
Also,​ this Florida buyers rebate program can help you to​ do any last minute remodeling or​ landscaping .​
The money can be used to​ pay toward your homeowner's loan to​ reduce payments or​ interest,​ or​ to​ shave years off your payment period .​
It can be used for college tuition for your children .​
You can invest the​ money for the​ future and draw interest .​
If you are a​ real estate investor,​ you can use the​ new home rebate as​ a​ down payment for a​ future investment .​
The possibilities are endless.
Qualifying for a​ Florida Buyers Rebate
To qualify,​ you must contact a​ Realtor first (before contacting a​ builder) who is​ offering a​ new home rebate as​ an​ incentive .​
It is​ not offered by everyone .​
You will likely be asked by the​ Realtor to​ fill out forms (proof that they referred you) .​
Then,​ you must let the​ builder's on-site representative know before getting started that you were referred by that particular Realtor and present the​ necessary paperwork .​
Be sure to​ specify which Realtor referred you before coming to​ any agreements with the​ builder .​
The Realtor's name must appear on​ your sales contract.
Once you've taken the​ necessary steps,​ the​ builder will pay their commission to​ the​ Realtor,​ and the​ Realtor will pay the​ new home rebate to​ you .​
It's a​ simple process that can put thousands of​ dollars in​ your pocket.
You can find valuable information about the​ Florida buyers rebate online .​
Be sure to​ study the​ procedures before contacting a​ new homebuilder .​
If you contact them first,​ it​ could mean losing your rebate .​
So use online resources and the​ realty tips above to​ secure your new home rebate and enjoy the​ benefits for years to​ come.

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