The Dangers Of Get Rich Quick Schemes And Other Money Pits

The Dangers Of Get Rich Quick Schemes And Other Money Pits

The Dangers Of Get Rich Quick Schemes -And Other Money Pits
It is​ an​ understandable that millions of​ people have ambitions,​ desires or​ passing wishes to​ have their own business .​
Let's face it,​ countless millions of​ people are in​ jobs they do not really like,​ nor get any satisfaction from .​
Financially,​ they get by from to​ month to​ month,​ but cannot build up real wealth .​
It seems a​ constant strain to​ make ends meet; frustrations are commonplace because people have little control over their own lives,​ they have to​ live day to​ day in​ their employers' cage; frustrated like grounded eagles with their wings clipped .​
Maybe they are helping to​ make their employer rich,​ but what of​ themselves? Don't we​ all deserve the​ freedom,​ the​ riches,​ that the​ owners of​ successful businesses enjoy?
What is​ easy to​ forget is​ that,​ usually,​ those business have been built with a​ lot of​ blood,​ sweat and tears .​
Running a​ business is​ very hard work; running a​ successful business is​ even harder .​
Those who have succeeded have usually had a​ vision,​ taken calculated risks,​ researched,​ worked long hours,​ and have learnt from inevitable setbacks and mistakes .​
They have learnt about their market sector,​ how to​ run a​ business,​ marketing,​ finance,​ and the​ law as​ it​ affects them in​ their business .​
Although what you may now see is​ a​ big business in​ glossy corporate offices,​ you can be sure it​ was originally built from hard graft .​
Aah,​ you may be thinking,​ that was before the​ internet .​
Anyone can do it​ now! Sorry to​ disappoint you,​ but having a​ successful internet business requires hard work too; it​ involves an​ awful lot of​ learning,​ maybe years of​ frustration,​ many a​ false dawn that will lift you to​ the​ sky and dump you back down on​ the​ nearest rock .​
Does all that put you off having your own business? Does that all seem too much like hard work? Do you want the​ benefits without the​ hassle? Do you resent the​ rewards of​ your bosses but turn your nose up at​ the​ thought of​ hard work? If you answer eyes to​ any of​ those questions,​ then you are prime fodder for the​ Get Rich Quick Schemes :
Welcome To the​ Internet Danger Zone
Once you start turning your attention to​ earning money online,​ you will soon be bombarded with hundreds,​ thousands,​ of​ opportunities .​
You will see promises of​ millions of​ dollars,​ doubling your money every few days,​ turning $1000 into a​ $1000000 in​ just a​ couple of​ years; promises of​ thousands of​ people paying you $20 into your Paypal account for the​ rest of​ your life; instant businesses with no work,​ as​ someone else will be doing the​ work for you .​
Now,​ stop and think about it .​
Be honest with yourself .​
How realistic are all of​ those claims? While each of​ them is​ possible,​ how sustainable are they really?
Many newcomers to​ the​ world of​ internet business are wary of​ scams,​ and that is​ good .​
There are scams around; many of​ them .​
But the​ biggest danger is​ not deliberate scams,​ but bad management .​
The fact is​ it​ is​ easy to​ set up a​ business online,​ which encourages people to​ do so who have no idea how to​ run a​ business,​ plan for business success,​ manage finances etc.
This get rich quick article was written by Roy Thomsitt,​ owner author of​ the​ Change Direction website.

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