The Crux Of All Stress Management Tips Is You Are The Creator Of Your
Destiny Not The Victim

The Crux Of All Stress Management Tips Is You Are The Creator Of Your Destiny Not The Victim

A language teacher had problems with one of​ his students. the​ student was weak in​ learning the​ spellings of​ the​ words. He was weaker in​ memory. He repeated and wrote those words many a​ times,​ yet when it​ mattered,​ he spelled them incorrectly!

The problem words were: Mathematics and Stephenson!

The teacher provided him an​ easy technique to​ learn the​ spellings and said- ‘So,​ by tomorrow,​ you​ need to​ be thorough in​ these words,​ said the​ teacher!’

‘Tomorrow never comes madam,​ you​ told me so,​ I will tell the​ correct spellings of​ the​ words,​ just now!’ said the​ enthusiastic student!

The tips given by the​ teacher,​ made it​ so easy. What teacher did was to​ fragment the​ words.

The shape of​ mathematics was mat-he-mat-ics!

Stephenson was Step-hen-son!

Stress management tips are also some what like that!

Do not make a​ big burden of​ your stress. With some imaginative handling of​ the​ situation,​ the​ load of​ iron bars can turn into a​ load of​ cotton!

Here are some of​ the​ stress management tips:

1. Just go for a​ brisk walk,​ and try to​ make it​ a​ part of​ your daily routine. Let it​ be a​ stress free walk- don’t you​ remember the​ poem that you​ sang in​ chorus at​ the​ primary school level,​ ‘Work while you​ work,​ play while you​ play that is​ the​ way to​ be happy and gay.’ the​ times have now arrived to​ translate the​ words,​ all those goody goody poems and proverbs that you​ crammed to​ score high percentage in​ your language paper,​ into reality.

2. it​ is​ better not to​ have foes. But if​ you​ have one,​ avoid him. Because his poisonous tongue is​ the​ root cause of​ your mental agitations. Have friendship with people with genuine feelings.

3. Avoid doing what upsets you​ most.

4. Be a​ practical man and do not imbibe too much idealism in​ your personality. Give clearcut answers and don’t be vague. Know your limitations and do not promise that,​ that you​ can not fulfill. a​ definite NO is​ far better than a​ confusing,​ vague YES.

5. Join a​ social,​ spiritual or​ a​ socio-spiritual organization. Being helpful to​ the​ society,​ is​ a​ great feeling that will relieve much of​ your tension.

6. Take the​ advise of​ a​ specialist,​ if​ the​ nature of​ your stress is​ too pressing. if​ you​ think that you​ have reached a​ point of​ no return. These experienced counselors have practical solutions,​ in​ their quiver!

7. Let not your life be like an​ overloaded truck. Unload yourself; unburden yourself.

8. Be ever calm. Be positive,​ even the​ worst situation will do you​ no harm.

Stress management tips are just the​ indicators. you​ have to​ develop your own strategy to​ manage stress. ‘You are the​ creator of​ your own destiny-not the​ victim’. Understand this golden rule well!

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