The Causes Of Stress

The Causes Of Stress

This article looks into the​ causes of​ stress and gives free tips to​ help you​ control and reduce your worries.

I have,​ as​ I am sure many people do,​ stressed for most of​ my life for many different reasons.

Even though I still worry about many things,​ I have now learned how to​ handle many of​ these situations and will write about how I go about doing this,​ in​ this article.

I am the​ kind of​ person who likes to​ have a​ simple and settled life. When something comes along which is​ quite a​ big event or​ a​ bit out of​ the​ ordinary,​ this is​ when I start to​ stress. I am not the​ kind of​ person who likes change,​ therefore things like moving house is​ something which will cause me a​ lot of​ stress. I have actually moved house four times in​ the​ last six years,​ not very clever for someone like me. I am now happy where I live and plan to​ stay at​ this abode for a​ long time.

I am also self-employed. There are many things I love about being self-employed,​ the​ fact that I am my own boss,​ I can choose my own hours,​ I have no-one to​ answer or​ to​ report to​ and the​ all round freedom it​ gives me. I often stress however that business will go through a​ bad period and that I do not have the​ security of​ a​ regular income. How will I pay the​ mortgage? How will I pay my car loan? How will I feed and clothe my children? These are all the​ things that at​ times can keep me awake at​ night.

I now have started to​ build up a​ back-up fund in​ a​ bank account. When business is​ doing well,​ I put as​ much money as​ I can into this account,​ which I can then use in​ the​ leaner times. This gives me a​ peace of​ mind and therefore I do not have to​ worry so much. Business will go through good and bad periods and this way I can easily cope when it​ does go slow.

I used to​ also worry about how I would pay my tax bill at​ the​ end of​ the​ year,​ however I have also started to​ put money away each month similar to​ the​ above example,​ to​ pay for it.

I now try and think about all of​ my worries in​ a​ logical manner and instead of​ losing sleep over them I try to​ find solutions.

I also feel stressed and I am not sure why it​ is,​ the​ day after I have a​ night out drinking alcohol. in​ the​ morning and nowadays since I am getting older,​ throughout the​ day,​ I often feel lethargic and my mind starts to​ play tricks on​ me. it​ makes me feel negative about the​ future and makes me worry about a​ whole host of​ issues. it​ now takes me around forty-eight hours to​ recover from a​ boozy night out and affects my family and work life. I have now decided that I will go out far less and that when I do,​ I will limit the​ amount I drink.

These are other things that can cause me to​ stress:

When I have worked too hard!

When I have had a​ lack of​ sleep

During and after an​ illness

After an​ argument with my girlfriend

When I am invited to​ a​ social occasion which I do not want to​ go to,​ such as​ a​ wedding

A visit from my girlfriends family for say a​ weekend

Going on​ holiday

Some of​ the​ above may seem a​ bit bizarre to​ some people who read this article,​ however I am trying to​ be truthful. Yes going on​ holiday does cause me to​ worry. I do not like flying for a​ start,​ I worry that I or​ a​ member of​ my family may become ill or​ that the​ hotel may not be as​ good as​ what was described in​ the​ brochure.

One thing which I am now careful to​ ensure of,​ is​ that I get enough sleep. I must say I love going to​ bed and I love sleeping. My bed is​ where I feel safe and comfortable. I used to​ fall into a​ trap of​ working too hard and would then stay up late,​ possibly watching the​ television. I would set my alarm to​ wake me up early and I would then start the​ whole process over again.

From reading a​ book about stress management,​ I discovered that sleep was one of​ the​ best forms of​ stress-relief. I decided to​ give it​ a​ go and I must say it​ works. I now stay in​ bed an​ hour later in​ the​ mornings and where possible,​ I am in​ bed by 10pm at​ night.

I am also now attempting to​ take life in​ my stride. What happens will happen and I will deal with each challenge on​ its own merit. I try to​ deal with potential problems in​ a​ positive way and realise that if​ life was very smooth and easy,​ that it​ would probably be quite boring.

I now appreciate what I have in​ life and instead of​ looking at​ the​ future full of​ dread,​ I look forward to​ what life will bring. I know that at​ times life will be hard and am determined to​ get through these periods as​ quick as​ I can.

Nowadays when I do feel down and miserable,​ I tend to​ spend as​ much time as​ possible with my children,​ as​ they make me happy and can soon put a​ smile back onto my face.

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