The Art Of Fast Money Making

The Art Of Fast Money Making

The Art Of Fast Money Making
In the​ immortal words of​ the​ great Zig Ziglar,​ Money isn't the​ most important thing in​ life,​ but it's reasonably close to​ oxygen on​ the​ gotta have it​ scale I​ am going to,​ in​ this article,​ refine your understanding about money .​
One of​ my greatest insights and valuable observations is​ to​ accept that money is​ not all the​ same .​
There are different species of​ money,​ you can divide money into 3 groups .​
Fast money,​ hourly money and credit money .​
The first is​ not based or​ connected to​ time,​ the​ other two are completely based around time.
Immediately we​ can observe when looking at​ these three species of​ money that one is​ very desire-able and the​ other two are worse and much worse .​
One stands head and shoulders above the​ other two and is​ the​ key to​ wealth .​
The other two lead to​ a​ life of​ daily roil and the​ poor house respectively.
Credit money,​ money you borrow to​ buy certain pleasures in​ life is​ the​ worst kind of​ money .​
Not surprisingly it​ is​ very closely connected to​ hourly money because to​ get credit money you must prove that you have hourly money....a job .​
Then you can have access to​ credit money.
The point of​ credit money is​ to​ exchange time for the​ interest you pay .​
In other words,​ you can buy that car today and pay for it​ later .​
For a​ compounded interest rate of​ 10% to​ 20% you buy tomorrow's savings today .​
For people that prefer hourly money this type of​ transaction can seem highly desire-able .​
You don't have to​ wait 5 years to​ save for that car because you can have it​ now .​
The problem with credit money is​ the​ same problem that one gets with hourly money but much worse .​
Not only are we​ selling our precious time for money,​ but now we​ are selling and committing tomorrow's time for money today.
Hourly Money is​ the​ most obvious way to​ make money for people .​
Hourly labor for hourly money .​
90% of​ the​ worlds population gets their money this way .​
a​ very inefficient way to​ get your money but you get it​ for sure .​
Security of​ a​ pay check is​ the​ number one reason why people strive to​ get hourly money.
Before reading this article,​ you may have never even thought about the​ three species of​ money .​
You may have not even considered that there is​ another type of​ money but hourly money and credit money .​
But there is​ .​
Fast money is​ what the​ 10% wealthy people strive for .​
The financial owners of​ planet Earth,​ the​ 10% cream of​ financial circles create money they dont work for it.
Fast Money - the​ art of​ authentic creation the​ art of​ fast money can be boiled down to​ one specific and it's that it's not connected to​ time .​
In this strange world,​ $100,​000 in​ 10 minutes is​ nothing unusual .​
a​ million dollars in​ an​ afternoon is​ typical .​
$30,​000 in​ 2 days is​ nothing special .​
You may balk at​ these time frames and amounts but that is​ the​ point of​ this species of​ money .​
The TIME component is​ totally irrelevant.
So if​ hourly money and credit money are instrinsicaly centered around time...what is​ fast money centered around?
Fast money is​ not made by mindless time counting .​
Fast money is​ made by delivering solutions .​
An example of​ this can be found in​ the​ old dentists joke .​
a​ guy goes in​ to​ have a​ tooth removed and the​ dentist tells the​ fellow it​ will cost $1200 to​ remove .​
The fellow replies,​ well how long will it​ take? the​ dentist replies 2 minutes .​
The poor guy is​ incredulous,​ you mean to​ tell me that you want $1200 for 2 minutes work? the​ dentist replies,​ well sir,​ if​ u want me to​ take an​ hour doing it​ I​ can do that too.
You see the​ old fellow needed a​ solution to​ his problem .​
The dentist had that solution and had the​ tools to​ achieve the​ solution in​ 2 minutes .​
The fellow wanted a​ solution to​ his problem and THAT is​ what he was paying for,​ not the​ time spent,​ as​ his dentist adeptly pointed out.
Fast money and the​ art of​ finding and getting fast money can be found by finding people with urgent and pressing problems.
To get involved in​ this amazing fast money world,​ you must seek out these types of​ people .​
Find these types situations and begin providing your own unique and authentic solutions to​ get paid fast.
If you want to​ find thouands of​ Million Dollar Corporations with problems that need your help right now.

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