Telecom Contracts Is This Where The Money Is

Telecom Contracts Is This Where The Money Is

Telecom Contracts: is​ This Where the​ Money Is?
Let’s talk about how most people envision telecom expense and their budget .​
They get their bills and someone approves them for payment then they are off to​ the​ Accounts Payable department for payment .​
Most business aren’t aware that there could be many ways to​ reduce their expense (without carrier changes required) since everything appears to​ work correctly and nothing jumps out when they do look at​ their telecom bills .​
When looking at​ the​ telecom budget the​ CFO may call the​ provider and ask about contracts and rates,​ as​ these are the​ biggest ways to​ affect the​ bottom line quickly (they think) .​

We telecom auditors are of​ a​ different mindset .​
we​ have been auditing and investigating bills for years,​ and we​ know,​ based upon experience what works,​ and what doesn’t .​
Barbara Clements,​ President and founder of​ Auditel Inc .​
says For almost fifteen years we​ have focused on​ telephone and telecom expense auditing .​
we​ have seen how companies change providers,​ and modify their contracts year after year with high expectations of​ dramatic cost reduction in​ their telecom expenses and budget .​
I​ challenge you to​ look deeper into your telecom invoices and don’t just focus on​ your telecom and telephone contracts.
Large corporations aren’t the​ only ones who need to​ be watchful of​ telephone and telecom invoices .​
Many bills are showing timelines on​ them .​
These are found on​ your telephone or​ telecom bills and they have a​ term in​ which you can request any refunds or​ credits be applied for these accounts .​
Most experienced auditors have to​ dig through the​ bills to​ find this timeline,​ but they are appearing on​ more and more bills.
What does the​ timeline mean to​ you as​ a​ customer? If you are like most people,​ you think that if​ you find a​ billing error or​ mistake at​ any point in​ the​ future that the​ phone companies and telecom providers should make it​ right .​
You probably think that any of​ these billing mistakes would qualify for a​ refund .​
Unfortunately,​ this just isn’t true .​
the​ Phone Company Representative will be happy to​ correct the​ billing mistake but won’t mention a​ refund to​ you,​ and if​ you do mention a​ refund don’t be surprised if​ you are told that its your responsibility to​ review your bills and that there is​ a​ time limit (or term) on​ the​ errors you may find within your bills .​
Why should your company fall prey to​ these billing errors when there is​ a​ solution? Don’t forfeit this money.
Errors are found in​ upwards of​ 90% of​ telephone and telecom bills .​
You are sure to​ have billing errors and mistakes .​
Have a​ telecom audit performed .​
Many companies produce them on​ contingency basis and then you split the​ savings and refunds .​
If you wait until these bills are past the​ term,​ then you will have paid for mistakes that can be corrected but you will not receive the​ credits and refunds that you or​ your company is​ due .​
Another way your company will forfeit this money is​ when you change carriers .​
It is​ imperative to​ correct telecom and telephone billing mistakes before changes are made,​ not after.
As many companies tighten their corporate belts they look toward outsourcing job functions to​ reduce expenses .​
the​ loss of​ Telecom Managers and staff increases the​ chance for errors going unnoticed .​
The Corporate World is​ either unaware of​ telecom and telephone billing errors,​ or​ they feel the​ time spent on​ bill correction,​ or​ clean up won’t substantiate the​ costs .​
This is​ a​ very expensive assumption to​ make .​
They couldn’t be more wrong .​
If CEOs,​ CFOs,​ Controllers,​ CIOs and Purchasing Managers were educated in​ telecom billing analysis and contracts,​ they would have a​ change of​ heart .​
They find it​ hard to​ believe that an​ audit can make a​ big difference in​ their telecom budget .​
But chances are they haven’t given a​ telecom auditor the​ opportunity to​ review their bills (not a​ sales person whose primary concern is​ to​ sell services) .​

Telecom Tips
• A telecom auditor should reduce your telecom expense without carrier changes.
• Research the​ telecom consultant by contacting references.
• Make sure you are in​ control of​ the​ audit and give permission for any changes.
• Request before and after bills before paying for telecom services.
• A complete audit will cost more than a​ software based audit and when done properly they are worth it,​ as​ they will produce significantly more savings.
Everybody that is​ in​ charge of​ your fixed operations and the​ corporate budgets should know that there is​ money to​ be found in​ your telecom expenses .​
And this is​ money that you are wasting every single month .​
Just because you have a​ deadline to​ get the​ bills paid quickly,​ as​ not to​ incur late fees,​ don’t let it​ discourage you from taking advantage of​ doing the​ smart thing for your company or​ stockholders .​
This is​ a​ painless way to​ save what could be millions of​ dollars a​ year!

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