Teenage Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety levels in​ teenagers have drastically increased over the​ last few decades. as​ the​ responsibilities of​ the​ world around them lay on​ their shoulders heavier,​ more and more teens are facing health problems both on​ the​ physical and on​ the​ emotional sides. as​ a​ parent,​ it​ is​ hard to​ handle these conditions or​ often even know that your teens are facing them. Many times,​ it​ is​ easy to​ chalk up the​ teenage stress and anxiety a​ child is​ facing as​ just normal teen problems. Yet,​ serious conditions are often present and should be addressed as​ quickly as​ possible.

Why Teens Suffer From Anxiety

Teens,​ just like adults will suffer from anxiety as​ well as​ from stress from several reasons. First,​ these conditions can be hereditary,​ and they can have a​ much greater likelihood of​ this happening to​ them if​ their parents have had conditions such as​ anxiety.

For the​ most part,​ teens and children who suffer from anxiety and from stress have factors in​ their lives that push them in​ that direction. For example,​ they may be faced with things like divorce of​ their parents,​ stressors at​ school and even peer pressure. Although most parents do not realize it,​ teens are under a​ great deal of​ pressure in​ many areas of​ their lives. Sometimes,​ the​ body and the​ mind react to​ those conditions in​ the​ way of​ anxiety and/or stress.

Symptoms to​ Notice

Often,​ these conditions may be overlooked. This is​ common because the​ symptoms associated with stress and anxiety are those things that most of​ us would relate to​ just normal,​ teen behavior. Nevertheless,​ it​ is​ necessary to​ identify if​ there is​ a​ problem and treat it​ accordingly as​ it​ can be harmful to​ their health in​ the​ long run.

Symptoms of​ anxiety and high stress levels include:

· Feelings of​ uneasiness. Something just does not seem right although there may be nothing wrong
· Abdominal discomfort that does not seem to​ come from a​ physical condition
· Dry mouth
· Rapid heartbeat that is​ not due to​ physical exertion
· Dizziness
· Shortness of​ breath not associated with physical exertion
· Frequent need to​ urinate
· Tightness in​ the​ chest,​ sometimes escalating to​ true pain
· Diarrhea
· Problems with swallowing
· Insomnia
· Irritability or​ anger that seems unfounded
· Fear
· the​ feeling of​ just not being in​ control
· Inability to​ concentrate on​ tasks

Option Treatments

The treatments for high stress and anxiety affecting teenagers may include several things. First,​ identifying and removing pressure is​ often necessary. Second,​ the​ doctor may recommend a​ balanced diet,​ physical activity and good relaxation techniques. Additionally,​ medications are available to​ treat anxiety problems,​ including benzodiazepine tablets. Yet,​ medications should be considered with caution and for the​ worse cases as​ they generally have side effects that are not pleasant or​ healthy either.


For those that are looking for an​ alternative treatment to​ teenage stress and anxiety,​ there are many treatments available to​ choose from. These can include certain herbs that have been shown to​ treat anxiety effectively. to​ continue reading and find out which herbs help to​ treat anxiety naturally visit http://www.feelyourselfagain.com/teenage_stress_and_anxiety.html

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