Take Control Of The Details For A Stress Free Move

It's moving season and Americans are once again facing the​ stress of​ packing their lives into boxes and hoping everything arrives in​ one piece. the​ U.S. Census Bureau reports Americans move an​ average of​ 11.7 times in​ their lifetimes,​ with more than 20 percent of​ those moves ending in​ a​ different state.

A recent survey commissioned by the​ UPS Store and Mail Boxes Etc. franchise network revealed Americans' worst moving fears: broken or​ lost items (49 percent); moving company surcharges or​ late delivery (45 percent); watching movers mishandle fragile items (42 percent); and running out of​ packing supplies during the​ move (25 percent).

Despite notable concerns about broken items,​ the​ survey showed that a​ majority of​ Americans still try to​ get by with packing items in​ newspaper,​ clothes,​ sheets,​ towels or​ blankets or​ tissue paper. Only one-third of​ those surveyed sought professional recommendations on​ packaging supplies.

"Moving is​ tough,​ but we've found the​ people who have the​ most successful moves are the​ ones who take control,​" said Cheri Golden,​ the​ UPS Store franchisee.

What can you​ do to​ take control of​ your next big move? Golden offers the​ following suggestions:

* Plan ahead. Get expert advice by calling moving companies for quotes or​ asking for referrals from friends or​ co-workers. Web sites like www.amconf.org provide useful tips on​ moving and finding reputable moving companies.

* Buy enough of​ the​ right materials. Don't rely on​ what's lying around the​ house to​ protect your precious cargo. By using the​ right packing materials,​ there is​ less of​ a​ chance that your dishes or​ family heirlooms will end up in​ pieces. Remember,​ heavy furniture or​ bulky items might be stacked on​ top or​ up against these fragile items,​ so be sure they're protected to​ withstand the​ pressure.

* Leave it​ to​ professionals to​ handle large,​ expensive or​ irreplaceable items. a​ vast majority of​ survey respondents - 83 percent - would want professional help moving family heirlooms,​ electronics and heavy items such as​ pianos. Places like the​ UPS Store or​ Mail Boxes Etc. offer freight services,​ which can be an​ affordable and reliable alternative to​ standard movers.

Taking the​ time to​ plan ahead and investing in​ the​ proper packing materials can help reduce stress when the​ big day arrives. - NU

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