Sudden Hair Loss Is Stress Is The Cause

Sudden Hair Loss is​ stress is​ the​ cause??
People often fail to​ realize how stress affects physical health as​ well as​ hair health. ​
However,​ it​ affects the​ overall health of​ an individual. ​
This does not mean stress is​ always bad. ​
Sometimes,​ stress is​ good for making an individual focused towards an approach and​ deciding better. ​
In fact,​ some people perform better under stress and​ do much better. ​
Stress up to​ a​ certain level is​ good,​ although there are no fixed parameters to​ establish up to​ what level it​ is​ good but sever stress leads to​ disease like anxiety,​ sudden hair loss and​ other physical health problems. ​
Many of​ the​ people associate stress directly with sudden hair loss.
Telogen Effluvium is​ a​ kind of​ hair loss that occurs due to​ sever or​ sudden stress. ​
Heavy stress in​ a​ person does the​ shedding of​ hair that pushes premature hair follicles into the​ resting phase. ​
Sudden hair loss due to​ stress in​ a​ person appears within 2 to​ 3 months after facing of​ some stressful situations. ​
Although,​ our hair falls daily and​ falling of​ about 100 hairs per day is​ considered very normal. ​
In stressful circumstances a​ person losses almost 300 400 hair per day and​ almost 70% of​ the​ hair scalps. ​
Sudden hair loss is​ temporary in​ most of​ the​ cases. ​
However,​ in​ some of​ the​ cases the​ sudden hair loss problem undergoes continue till the​ problem of​ stress is​ solved.
There is​ a​ well said quote,​ ‘every problem has a​ solution’,​ and​ so the​ problem of​ sudden hair loss too. ​
Treating sudden hair loss naturally is​ one of​ the​ best way to​ solve the​ problem. ​
Are you​ wandering,​ how?
Here are few tips to​ solve your hair loss problems and​ easing your level of​ stress
Do physical exercises Your body secrets out a​ hormone called adrenaline that is​ good for you​ but when body secrets this hormone in​ excess,​ this causes stress and​ sudden hair loss. ​
Doing regular exercise and​ physical workout reduces the​ level of​ adrenaline hormone in​ your body. ​
if ​ you​ do physical workout on​ a​ regular basis,​ your body and​ mind will be relaxed and​ you​ will get much better sleep. ​
Your health will also improve as​ a​ result of​ physical exercise.
Take enough sleep and​ relax Take proper sleep and​ do some relaxation. ​
You do not need special techniques to​ do relaxation. ​
Only you​ need a​ peaceful place,​ which you​ have to​ create,​ be it​ your bedroom or​ office desk. ​
Just sit in​ good posture,​ keep your body straighten,​ do some deep breathing and​ focus on​ good thoughts. ​
You can use your office desk during a​ short tea break or​ lunch hour to​ do the​ same. ​
Include relaxation in​ you​ daily routine for 20 minutes or​ so,​ daily. ​
You will notice the​ significant change in​ your lifestyle once you​ start doing this stress busting exercise. ​
Good sleep is​ very important in​ easing stress. ​
Sleep enough and​ sleep properly to​ ease your symptom of​ stress. ​
Once your level of​ stress or​ adrenaline in​ your body starts dipping,​ the​ hair loss will automatically decrease.
Have good diet Eat good diet. ​
Take diet rich in​ proteins,​ vitamins and​ minerals in​ sufficient amount. ​
Eat whole grain breads,​ dairy products milk,​ cheese,​ butter,​ etc and​ poultry products like eggs and​ chickens. ​
Also include in​ your diet fishes and​ meats. ​
Avoid added sugars. ​
Eat a​ lot of​ leafy green vegetables and​ whole fruits.
Doing all above will help you​ in​ staying in​ good shape and​ reliving your stress. ​
This ultimately will solve your sudden hair loss problems.

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