Student Grant Money Online Availability

The United States Congress allocates free grant money to​ 57 federal agencies including the​ Department of​ Education. the​ Federal Department of​ Education is​ part of​ a​ government-wide effort to​ streamline the​ online grant application process with several measures of​ their own.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is​ one measure to​ facilitate the​ free grant money application to​ students. the​ website is​ another measure. the​ website was launched in​ October 2003 as​ an​ online database where grant seekers would be able to​ view federal agency offerings. as​ of​ late April,​ only about 80% of​ the​ department’s opportunities had been placed on​ the​ website. This amounted to​ 32 of​ the​ 40 grant packages the​ department had intended to​ have available online.

Some agencies had not gotten involved at​ all in​ the​ online process at​ this point,​ while others had exceeded their goals. Numerous agencies had exceeded their goals to​ the​ point that on​ average,​ they were providing 14 percent more opportunities for free grants than they had planned for. the​ Department of​ Education’s progress was very slow toward their goals,​ with no real explanation. it​ had initially expected around 1500 free grant applications on​ the​ website,​ but had only received 469 to​ that point,​ representing 31 percent. the​ Federal government had received only 23 percent of​ the​ applications it​ had expected to​ that point. the​ grants website has shown signs of​ growing. the​ first year and a​ half brought in​ 2751 free government grant applications.

One of​ the​ reasons for the​ lagging grant applications on​ the​ website is​ considered to​ be the​ change in​ process. Grant seekers have been adjusting to​ the​ new delivery format while the​ grant community is​ slowly getting the​ word out and providing instructional information to​ grant seekers. a​ resistance to​ change is​ considered another source of​ the​ lagging applications,​ as​ users are required to​ register through a​ system-to-system process. it​ should be noted that the​ website application process was not built to​ facilitate Mac use in​ making online applications.

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