Stressed Out Kids

Stressed Out Kids

Stressed out Kids
Baseball practice,​ piano practice,​ dance class,​ after school activities,​ homework,​ family night,​ church activities – are our kids doing too much? It’s an​ epidemic that is​ sweeping through our homes .​
It’s about giving our kids what we never had growing up,​ but too much can be a​ bad thing.
While children are in​ school,​ it​ should be their primary focus .​
When we add too many activities during the​ evening,​ we are limiting the​ time they can spend doing homework or​ reading .​
Plus,​ you​ are talking away what little family time is​ available when kids are in​ school .​

If you​ want your child to​ participate in​ other activities,​ try limiting the​ number of​ extracurricular classes they take .​
you​ can try different classes in​ different years,​ allowing your child to​ find the​ activities that they enjoy best and are good at .​
Let them take dance or​ soccer one year,​ and piano or​ softball the​ following year .​

Limiting our evening activities will also help our children .​
If they come home and you​ are stressed out,​ trying to​ get too many things done in​ the​ evening,​ that is​ going to​ roll down to​ your children and cause them more stress .​
Make your evenings a​ quiet and peaceful time,​ where you​ can help your children with their homework and spend some time together.
Every parent wants the​ best for their child,​ but realizing now that giving them everything may not be best will help your child do better in​ school and have a​ stress free childhood .​
Giving them limitations will help them learn self-control and they will be more balanced as​ adults .​
in​ our fast paced society,​ it’s a​ good idea to​ teach your child about what is​ most important – family and learning.

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