Stress The Silent Killer Part 2

Stress The Silent Killer Part 2

The 10 point plan for Stress Reduction

Ok … So we’ve recognized the​ signs and it’s official,​ we’re stressed!

Stress affects the​ whole person - body,​ mind,​ feelings,​ and behavior,​ and just as​ symptoms can take many forms,​ so there are many simple actions that you​ can take to​ relieve these symptoms.

Learn to​ Relax

Imagine… having relief on​ tap - something you​ could experience whenever you​ need it,​ something that would remove all the​ stress from your body and return the​ sparkle to​ your mind. How would you​ feel if​ you​ could wake up tomorrow,​ feeling in​ control?
Well,​ Happily,​ you​ are blessed with a​ really powerful tool that can remove stress instantly - your body's relaxation response.

You can use hypnosis to​ trigger this wonderful natural effect,​ which will release hormones and neurotransmitters that flood your body and mind with pure,​ cleansing relaxation. you​ owe it​ to​ yourself to​ feel the​ relief you​ can have instantly,​ so learn this technique. Seek out a​ hypnotherapy DVD or​ find a​ hypnotherapist to​ help you​ refocus on​ relaxation and stress relief.

Take Action on​ stress

Procrastination is​ itself a​ cause of​ stress,​ simply making a​ conscious decision to​ act upon your situation will bring to​ you,​ such a​ sense of​ relief that this unpleasant situation is​ going to​ change,​ that you​ will immediately start to​ feel some benefit. Eliminate procrastination from your life. Don’t put things off until tomorrow,​ do them today. Create a​ “DO it​ NOW” mentality.

Speak to​ someone

A problem shared is​ a​ problem halved,​ it’s good to​ talk. Talking it​ over with a​ friend or​ someone who is​ willing to​ listen,​ who wont judge or​ offer advice,​ can often help to​ de-clutter the​ mind and clarify your perspective and help you​ to​ take appropriate action to​ relieve stress. if​ you​ feel uncomfortable talking to​ someone at​ first,​ then write a​ letter to​ yourself or​ to​ someone else,​ without posting it,​ but find a​ means of​ getting your true thoughts and feelings down on​ paper. you​ can then destroy it​ if​ you​ wish,​ it’s a​ form of​ release,​ which you​ can then follow up with a​ plan to​ resolve your issues.

Change the​ Dynamic of​ your situation

Don’t be afraid to​ say NO. if​ you​ can learn how to​ be more assertive,​ you​ are more likely to​ have choices and this will enable you​ to​ say what you​ think and act how you​ want to. Imagine how much less stressed this will make you​ feel.

Give yourself choices,​ change the​ stress factors that you​ can and strengthen your ability to​ cope with ones that you​ cannot change. Be creative,​ find compromises,​ Reframe problems and look for solutions that create win-win outcomes.

Time Management

Time management allows you​ to​ plan and organize your life to​ give yourself more space and opportunity. it​ involves planning,​ delegating,​ setting goals and not wasting any time doing unnecessary things or​ worrying about things over which you​ have no control.

Be Organized. Prepare for the​ coming day,​ the​ night before. Don’t rely on​ your memory (it’s the​ first thing to​ go when you’re stressed). Write down appointments,​ to-do lists,​ directions and shopping lists. Create order out of​ chaos. Plan your day to​ give you​ time to​ eat and relax afterwards,​ it​ will aid your digestion (peptic ulcers aren’t fun).

Give yourself more time to​ do things so that you​ are not pressured. Get up a​ little earlier,​ leave a​ little earlier for appointments. Do one thing at​ a​ time and do it​ well,​ focus on​ the​ job at​ hand and forget everything else you​ have to​ do.

Finally,​ allow yourself some personal time,​ everyday,​ a​ private moment for peace,​ quiet and contemplation.

Life Management

Have an​ optimistic view of​ the​ world. Life only comes once,​ it's quite short and you​ have to​ appreciate what's good in​ it. See things from a​ relaxed viewpoint. Learn to​ live one day at​ a​ time and take each day as​ you​ find it. Enjoy the​ moments.

Remember that most people are doing the​ best that they can. Find it​ within yourself to​ be tolerant and understanding. Accept the​ fact that we live in​ an​ imperfect world.


Exercise combats many of​ the​ physical and emotional symptoms of​ stress and can make you​ feel better about yourself. Exercise can bring about improvements in​ self-esteem and self-image and increase confidence. When our confidence and esteem are lifted our perception of​ ourselves changes completely and becomes much more positive.

Exercise also releases hormones that affect your mood,​ creating a​ more relaxed and positive frame of​ mind and releasing physical stress from the​ body.

Don’t ignore the​ mental and emotional aspect of​ exercise. Giving yourself time out to​ do something fun simply makes you​ feel good,​ so if​ you’re feeling stressed and unsure about whether to​ exercise or​ not,​ simply remind yourself of​ how you​ are going to​ feel afterwards.

Mind and Spirit

The following practices may help you​ to​ relax and unwind. Explore them and find out what works for you. Relaxation should be part of​ your daily routine.

- Guided relaxation and visualization techniques: obtain a​ CD or​ DVD

- Meditation: Brings an​ abundance of​ calm into your life

- Deep breathing techniques: Re-energizes and invigorates

- Progressive Muscle Relaxation: deeply,​ physically relaxing

- Massage/ Aromatherapy: Go on,​ pamper yourself

- Yoga; a​ mixture of​ meditation and gentle movement and stretching

- Shiatsu; Energy balancing and deeply relaxing

Other methods and therapies include; Floatation tanks,​ Reiki,​ Indian head massage,​ Thai Chi and Reflexology. Do your research and try a​ few things and find the​ treatment most suitable for you.

Get Healthy

Food is​ a​ celebration of​ life,​ it’s not just fuel. Take time to​ enjoy your meals and look after your health by eating a​ sensible balanced diet. if​ you​ need to,​ create new good eating habits. Ensure that your lifestyle changes to​ suit your real needs. Eat breakfast to​ kick-start your day,​ lay off the​ coffee and tea (the caffeine doesn’t help you​ to​ relax) and if​ you’re smoking more to​ help you​ calm down,​ they’re bad for you,​ cut them out. You’ll feel better,​ believe me.

Take a​ hot bath in​ the​ evening to​ relieve the​ tension in​ your body before going to​ bed and ensure that you​ get enough sleep. This is​ essential. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed with more energy and able to​ function better throughout the​ day.

Remember to​ Enjoy Life

Every day,​ take time to​ do something that you​ enjoy.

Find something that makes you​ smile or​ laugh out loud. Laughter is​ the​ answer to​ stress,​ because it’s hard to​ be stressed and anxious when you’re having fun!

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