Stress Relief Tips

Stress Relief Tips

With how busy we keep ourselves on​ a​ day to​ day basis,​ it’s no wonder that so many of​ us suffer from stress. Stress is​ something that is​ almost impossible to​ avoid,​ because of​ the​ way that we are wired. With that said though stress can be easily dealt with in​ many ways.

Exercise - Exercise always pops into articles like this: That’s because it’s important. Exercise has the​ ability to​ relax both your mind and your body. One of​ the​ big advantages that exercise has is​ that it​ forces you​ to​ get out,​ and to​ maintain some balance. if​ your working a​ lot,​ and are having a​ hard time getting other things done in​ life,​ you​ can easily make a​ deal with yourself to​ get out for a​ walk everyday at​ lunch time. This will allow you​ to​ clear your head and be more focused in​ your work,​ and also it​ will allow you​ time to​ relax,​ spend some time with nature,​ and remember that a​ physical wellness has a​ huge impact on​ mental wellness

Reward - Reward yourself. Too often we get into patterns where we work too much,​ sleep to​ little,​ and run our body into the​ ground. Take breaks daily,​ weekly,​ monthly. Get up during the​ day from your work,​ and get in​ a​ walk. Take a​ weekend get away to​ freshen up your mind from your work. Take a​ yearly trip to​ experience something different from the​ 9-5 grind back home. I understand that not all of​ these things are capable but they are all possible in​ moderation and with:

Balance - Living a​ balanced life is​ very important to​ maintain limited stress. Balance doesn’t mean trying to​ do too many things at​ once. Balance means not living all work and no play. Balance your life with work,​ family,​ friends,​ exercise,​ hobbies,​ etc.

Values - Take a​ moment to​ think about the​ things that are the​ most important for you​ in​ your life. Often times when we are living off the​ wall and not by our values there is​ an​ increase of​ stress in​ our days.

Planning - Who ever said “fail to​ plan,​ plan to​ fail” was on​ the​ ball. There is​ also an​ element of​ stress in​ unplanned situations. Unknowns cause us to​ worry,​ and to​ get stressed out about situations that we could have taken a​ little time to​ plan ahead for seems silly - doesn’t it?

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