Stress Relief Through Martial Arts

Stress Relief Through Martial Arts

Stress Relief through Martial Arts
Formerly known as​ Siam to​ foreigners who first came to​ this region as​ early as​ the​ 12th century,​ the​ countrys name was changed to​ literally mean Land of​ the​ Free. ​
Throughout the​ countrys 800year history,​ this nation can boast the​ distinction of​ being the​ only country in​ Southeast Asia never to​ have been colonized. ​
Siam was changed to​ Thailand with the​ advent of​ a​ democratic government in​ 1939. ​
People inhabiting Thailand today share rich ethnic diversity mainly Thai,​ Mon,​ Khmer,​ Laotian,​ Chinese,​ Malay,​ Persian,​ and​ Indian stock with the​ result that there is​ no typically Thai physiognomy or​ physique. ​
There are petite,​ statuesque,​ roundfaced,​ darkskinned and​ lightskinned Thais. ​
Some 80% of​ all Thais are connected in​ some way with agriculture which,​ in​ varying degrees,​ influences and​ is​ influenced by the​ religious ceremonies and​ festivals that help make Thailand such a​ distinctive country. ​

Thais are tribal people and​ have had to​ defend their country from many invaders throughout their history. ​
as​ such,​ they have developed their own brand of​ martial art. ​
Muay Thai is​ the​ devastating science of​ 8 limbs developed over thousands of​ years ago. ​
The exact date of​ the​ creation of​ this fighting art is​ not known but it​ is​ widely believed to​ be over 2000 years old. ​
Muay Thai used to​ be referred to​ as​ Pahuyuth multifaceted fighting style hundred years back,​ but Muay Thai itself is​ only part of​ the​ whole Thai fighting system that covers weapons and​ groundwork which is​ often referred to​ as​ LingLom. ​
This most effective of​ fighting techniques has evolved from the​ cultural artform of​ the​ Siamese warriors of​ the​ past. ​
it​ has also become an International sport with a​ proud heritage.
From time immemorial,​ Muay Thai had been practiced in​ imperial contests. ​
During the​ early times,​ this would occur in​ any location such as​ jungle clearings,​ courtyards,​ a​ village square or​ any area of​ flat ground. ​
There were no time keepers or​ rounds,​ and​ no forbidden moves,​ the​ winner being the​ boxer who remained standing. ​
Boxers would fight with their forearms strapped in​ rope and​ their fists bound with strips of​ raw cotton.
In 1929,​ the​ switch was made to​ the​ type of​ gloves worn in​ International boxing,​ the​ contests became standardized and​ contained in​ a​ ring. ​
Today,​ Muay Thai contests are fought over five,​ threeminute rounds with two minute breaks between rounds,​ a​ referee and​ three judges awarding points for effective strikes.
Muay Thai is​ now one of​ the​ most popular martial arts practiced all over the​ world. ​
Just like any other form of​ martial arts,​ Muay Thai will enable the​ practitioner to​ develop many skills and​ attributes. ​
Though most people would list physical fitness as​ an obvious benefit of​ studying Muay Thai,​ few people really understand all the​ physical benefits. ​
One will realize increased strength and​ flexibility,​ stronger bones and​ joints,​ increased stamina and​ energy,​ better coordination and​ balance,​ weight loss,​ and​ lean muscle gain. ​
One will also benefit in​ terms of​ increased coordination,​ flexibility,​ strength,​ endurance,​ and​ stress relief through constant practice of​ the​ martial arts.
In addition to​ physical skills,​ there are many noticeable spiritual and​ mental benefits. ​
Some of​ the​ more subtle,​ but equally important benefit are; concentration,​ confidence,​ courage,​ awareness,​ respect,​ etiquette,​ self discipline and​ humility.
Though martial arts such as​ Muay Thai seem at ​ first glance to​ be a​ set of​ physical skills,​ in​ reality the​ real goal is​ to​ condition the​ mind. ​
it​ is​ the​ mind that has to​ learn to​ act quickly,​ often reading subtle signs and​ responding with a​ complex set of​ moves. ​
The mental benefits of​ martial arts are possibly more significant than the​ physical.

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