Stress Relief Self Reliance Part 18

Stress Relief Self Reliance Part 18

Hudson and Behring accomplished so much in​ their fishing-boats as​ to​ astonish Parry and Franklin,​ whose equipment exhausted the​ resources of​ science and art. Galileo,​ with an​ opera-glass,​ discovered a​ more splendid series of​ celestial phenomena than any one since. Columbus found the​ New World in​ an​ undecked boat. it​ is​ curious to​ see the​ periodical disuse and perishing of​ means and machinery which were introduced with loud laudation a​ few years or​ centuries before. the​ great genius returns to​ essential man. We reckoned the​ improvements of​ the​ art of​ war among the​ triumphs of​ science,​and yet Napoleon conquered Europe by the​ bivouac,​which consisted of​ falling back on​ naked valor and disencumbering it​ of​ all aids. the​ Emperor held it​ impossible to​ make a​ perfect army,​says Las Cases,​ "without abolishing our arms,​magazines,​ commissaries and carriages,​ until,​ in​ imitation of​ the​ Roman custom,​ the​ soldier should receive his supply of​ corn,​ grind it​ in​ his hand-mill,​ and bake his bread himself."

Society is​ a​ wave. the​ wave moves onward,​but the​ water of​ which it​ is​ composed does not. the​ same particle does not rise from the​ valley to​ the​ ridge. Its unity is​ only phenomenal. the​ persons who make up a​ nation to-day,​ next year die,​ and their experience with them.

And so the​ reliance on​ Property,​ including the​ relianceon governments which protect it,​ is​ the​ want of​ self-reliance.Men have looked away from themselves and at​ things so long that they have come to​ esteem the​ religious,​ learned and civil institutions as​ guards of​ property,​ and they deprecate assaults on​ these,​ because they feel them to​ be assaults on​ property. They measure their esteem of​ each other by what each has,​and not by what each is. But a​ cultivated man becomes ashamed of​ his property,​ out of​ new respect for his nature. Especially he hates what he has if​ he see that it​ is​ accidental,​--came to​ him by inheritance,​or gift,​ or​ crime; then he feels that it​ is​ not having; it​ does not belong to​ him,​has no root in​ him and merely lies there because no revolution or​ no robber takes it​ away.

But that which a​ man is,​ does always by necessity acquire,​and what the​ man acquires is​ living property,​ which does not wait the​ beck of​ rulers,​or mobs,​ or​ revolutions,​or fire,​or storm,​or bankruptcies,​ but perpetually renews itself wherever the​ man breathes. "Thy lot or​ portion of​ life,​"said the​ Caliph Ali,​"is seeking after thee; therefore be at​ rest from seeking after it." Our dependence on​ these foreign goods leads us to​ our slavish respect for numbers. the​ political parties meet in​ numerous conventions; the​ greater the​ concourse and with each new uproar of​ announcement,​ the​ delegation from Essex! the​ Democrats from New Hampshire! the​ Whigs of​ Maine! the​ young patriot feels himself stronger than before by a​ new thousand of​ eyes and arms.In like manner the​ reformers summon conventions and vote and resolve in​ multitude. Not so,​O friends! will the​ God deign to​ enter and inhabit you,​ but by a​ method precisely the​ reverse. it​ is​ only as​ a​ man puts off all foreign support and stands alone that I see him to​ be strong and to​ prevail.

He is​ weaker by every recruit to​ his banner.Is not a​ man better than a​ town? Ask nothing of​ men,​and,​ in​ the​ endless mutation,​ thou only firm column must presently appear the​ upholder of​ all that surrounds thee. He who knows that power is​ inborn,​ that he is​ weak because he has looked for good out of​ him and elsewhere,​ and so perceiving,​ throws himself unhesitatingly on​ his thought,​ instantly rights himself,​stands in​ the​ erect position,​ commands his limbs,​ works miracles;just as​ a​ man who stands on​ his feet is​ stronger than a​ man who stands on​ his head.

So use all that is​ called Fortune. Most men gamble with her,​and gain all,​ and lose all,​ as​ her wheel rolls. But do thou leave as​ unlawful these winnings,​ and deal with Cause and Effect,​the chancellors of​ God. in​ the​ Will work and acquire,​ and thou hast chained the​ wheel of​ Chance,​and shall sit hereafter out of​ fear from her rotations. a​ political victory,​ a​ rise of​ rents,​ the​ recovery of​ your sick or​ the​ return of​ your absent friend,​or some other favorable event raises your spirits,​ and you​ think good days are preparing for you. Do not believe it. Nothing can bring you​ peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you​ peace but the​ triumph of​ principles.

Stress Relief Self Reliance Part 18

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