Stress Relief Advice

Stress Relief Advice

Stress is​ a​ killer,​ it​ is​ a​ known fact that stress is​ one of​ the​ reasons for heart attacks and many other lethal stress related disease. the​ bad thing about stress is​ that it​ will not only ultimately kill you,​ it​ is​ killing you​ while its doing it.

Stress makes a​ person narrow his perspective,​ feel lost,​ lose proportion and the​ sense of​ the​ real things in​ life,​ some people get into a​ chain reaction in​ which stress is​ just the​ cause of​ more stress,​ eventually leading these people to​ seek mental health help.

I am assuming that you​ are a​ normal (what is​ normal,​ right?) person,​ that does not currently have or​ had any kind of​ mental disease,​ that you​ are reading this article for one simple reason,​ you​ start to​ feel that stress is​ overcoming you,​ that something has changed as​ a​ result of​ increased stress,​ and you​ want out. you​ want your life back,​ you​ sense of​ control and to​ shake this feeling of​ urgency around each and every issue in​ you​ life.

How can I understand what you​ are going through? Went through? the​ answer is​ simple,​ I went through a​ severe mental breakdown as​ a​ result of​ continues stress. it​ took months for me to​ go down,​ and months for me to​ get back up,​ but once I got up (about 15 years ago) I have been studying and learning everything I can about stress,​ including talking to​ people like you. Identifying stress is​ the​ first step to​ fighting it,​ and reducing it.

When I first realized that my life seemed to​ have no breaks,​ no pause and that daily activities simply followed each other as​ if​ magically linked one to​ the​ other,​ driving to​ work connected to​ work,​ driving back home connected with the​ tasks I had at​ home (that connected with the​ tasks for work I left for home). There was no real joy,​ no fun and most importantly… no life.

No one needs to​ be an​ expert on​ mental health to​ know that he is​ experiencing stress,​ when it​ hits its very clear. the​ biggest problem is​ that we humans get used to​ it,​ and we learn to​ live with it,​ baring it​ on​ our heads,​ our shoulders,​ our hearts. While stress gets rooted into our bodies we become bitter,​ angry,​ impatient and generally not pleasant to​ be with or​ around. Not a​ big surprise ha?,​ of​ course,​ you​ can probably remember a​ time you​ knew someone that was so stress it​ made you​ feel stress,​ you​ also probably avoided seeing this person…

Assuming stress just showed up at​ your door a​ few weeks or​ months ago,​ what can you​ do to​ try and do battle with it? is​ it​ at​ all possible to​ beat stress,​ and to​ return to​ a​ normal life,​ with normal stress levels that go up and down – normally (in contrast to​ continuously).

YOU CAN. That’s the​ first thing I got to​ say. Almost anyone can,​ and there is​ no reason you​ cant. What am I talking about? Beating stress. Getting your life back,​ enjoying and living,​ every single moment of​ every single day.

Here are a​ few things that helped me a​ lot,​ I know some of​ them sound old fashioned or​ simply old,​ but they worked for me,​ and they might just work for you.

Take a​ hobby,​ start something you​ always wanted,​ it​ can be working in​ the​ garden (amazing) or​ learning how to​ ski dive (even more amazing),​ working out is​ good,​ running or​ swimming,​ in​ fact almost any kind of​ regular physical activity is​ good. I highly recommend golf,​ its ability to​ drive your attention from everything else and make you​ focus on​ a​ small white ball for a​ few hours,​ with spending a​ (relatively) long time out doors,​ is​ great. if​ you​ carry your golf bag and walk the​ course (walk not slowly wander around) you​ will also get into shape.

Physical exercise – once a​ day,​ for 20 to​ 45 min,​ do something,​ in​ the​ house out of​ the​ house,​ doesn’t matter,​ just do something. Yoga is​ great,​ because almost everyone can practice it,​ and eventually you​ will perform the​ positions in​ synchronization with your breathing,​ which is​ almost the​ best way to​ relax and regulate your breath.

Relax – take a​ break. Do I need to​ explain? Just take a​ break,​ if​ it’s a​ short break you​ can use it​ to​ relax,​ close your eyes and imagine a​ nice place you​ can spend a​ few imaginary moments at,​ if​ you​ are not good at​ imagining things,​ try and meditate for a​ few minutes,​ clear your mind of​ thought and try to​ get your subconscious to​ shut up.

Deal with problems and break them into smaller pieces – just like cleaning a​ big room,​ break your problems into smaller problems and decide which ones you​ do not want to​ deal with right now and which are the​ ones you​ are going to​ solve,​ do not leave the​ other problems for an​ unknown date to​ be solved – commit yourself to​ a​ time and day you​ will address these other issues.

I wish you​ all the​ best,​ and good luck in​ beating stress and starting gaining control over your life. When you​ get into these stressful moods again,​ try and think of​ how an​ nervous,​ stressed person looks like,​ and what is​ his chances of​ solving his problems,​ take a​ long breath,​ and plan your victory.

Stress Relief Advice

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