Stress Relief Advice For Free

Stress Relief Advice For Free

This article gives free tips and advice about how to​ reduce stress. I am a​ person who used to​ stress in​ a​ big way. at​ one point a​ work colleague made a​ comment that he thought that I walked around with the​ weight of​ the​ world's problems on​ my shoulders. My hair started to​ turn grey when I was only twenty-one years of​ age. Things though had to​ and were about to​ change.

I realised that the​ way I was living my life was not only probably unhealthy but was also a​ very unhappy one. By the​ age of​ twenty-two I decided to​ attempt to​ change the​ way I lived my life. I believed that I needed a​ change of​ attitude,​ I was somebody who was extremely negative and the​ first thing I worked on​ was trying to​ become a​ far more positive thinker.

I then went about reading lots of​ books about mind over matter and positive thinking. to​ my surprise,​ I actually enjoyed reading this material and the​ lessons I learnt were to​ change my life forever,​ in​ a​ good way.

The first thing I learnt,​ which seems so obvious now,​ is​ that worrying and stressing about a​ situation does not make it​ go away or​ make it​ any easier. in​ fact it​ makes it​ a​ whole lot worse. the​ important thing to​ remember is​ that in​ life all you​ can do is​ try your best. When a​ negative thought or​ worry enters your head you​ need to​ immediately ignore it​ and to​ change your thought processes into thinking about something which makes you​ happy or​ smile. you​ have to​ treat these demons as​ your worst enemy and fight them away. Treat it​ like a​ war and be determined not to​ let them win the​ battle of​ minds.

The next lesson I learnt was that a​ life spent constantly stressing is​ a​ waste of​ a​ life. you​ never know when your time is​ up and therefore you​ need to​ make every minute count. We only know for a​ fact that we have one life,​ even though I do personally believe in​ the​ after life,​ therefore we have to​ make the​ most of​ that life. I now live every day like it​ is​ my last,​ I live each one to​ the​ full.

The last piece of​ advice is​ to​ think about other people in​ the​ world who are not as​ fortunate as​ yourself. I for example used to​ feel very sorry for myself and believed that I was very unlucky. When thinking about other people who live in​ the​ world,​ I actually realised that I was actually one of​ the​ lucky ones. People in​ for example parts of​ Africa and the​ third world would probably laugh at​ me if​ I had described my worries to​ them.

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