Stress Out The Stress Demon

Do you​ feel as​ if​ the​ world is​ tumbling down on​ you​ and that you’re running out of​ time? Are you​ losing sleep and eating less due to​ many responsibilities and too much pressure because of​ the​ demands from your family,​ friends or​ from work? Well,​ you​ are not the​ only one,​ kids and adults alike experience this feeling,​ it’s what we commonly call stress.

It is​ what we experience when we respond to​ a​ particular challenging,​ troublesome and uncomfortable event. It’s a​ normal occurrence in​ our life,​ everyday most of​ us are under stress but what is​ important is​ how we cope up with such situations.

Stress is​ an​ emotional feeling or​ physical tension. it​ occurs when we are under tight situations we have no control of. it​ comes in​ many names like tension,​ anxiety,​ uptight feeling or​ apprehension. What we consider stressful may not be to​ others.

There is​ good and bad stress. Good or​ positive stress happens during emergency situations or​ when we anticipate an​ exciting situation. Did you​ wonder why you​ were able to​ carry your refrigerator alone when there was fire in​ the​ neighborhood or​ what made you​ run faster when you​ thought someone was after you? But there is​ worse than good stress.

Stress can be acute,​ episodic acute and chronic. the​ most common is​ the​ acute stress. it​ is​ the​ result of​ pressure and demands of​ the​ past and expected probable to​ happen in​ the​ future. Episodic stress happens to​ individuals who are always in​ a​ rush but always late and disorganized. Chronic stress devastates the​ mind and body and eventually your life. It’s the​ result of​ poverty,​ unhappiness,​ dysfunctional families and hatred. What’s ironic is​ that people get used to​ it​ and even forget that it​ is​ there.

What’s important is​ how to​ combat stress. There is​ what we call Stress Management. These are ways to​ fight stress. But first you​ have to​ take an​ inventory of​ yourself,​ think what’s making you​ stress out. you​ have to​ learn how to​ manage some stress-inducing situations. the​ best way is​ to​ have a​ balanced life,​ avoid excessiveness in​ everything.

Try some relaxation techniques like yoga,​ include exercise in​ your daily activities,​ take healthy nutritional food and take vitamins. Be prepared and be organized always in​ all you​ do. Lastly,​ take active part in​ religious activities. you​ might be amazed that it​ really works.

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