Stress Out Baby Shower Planning 6 Golden Tips For Planning A Baby Shower Part Two

Stress Out Baby Shower Planning 6 Golden Tips For Planning A Baby
Shower Part Two

If you're just starting your baby shower planning and want to​ make sure it​ a​ huge success,​ you'll probably feel that as​ you​ try to​ take care of​ everything and hard to​ even find time to​ take a​ break.

The good news is,​ you're not alone.

Here are some of​ my useful experiences that I learn through as​ the​ guest of​ other's baby shower.

Sooner or​ later,​ you'll be finding out that becoming an​ experienced baby shower hostess takes a​ little bit of​ getting used to.

Just keep a​ fun attituide and enjoy your baby shower planning.

Golden Tips 4: if​ you​ Really in​ Need of​ a​ Baby Shower Book,​ Buy a​ E-book.

According to​ the​ report,​ "How Women and Men Use the​ Internet",​ published by PEW Internet & American Life Project in​ December 28th,​ 2018,​ there are trends showing that women are catching up in​ overall use and are framing their online experience with a​ greater emphasis on​ deepening connections with people.

So what you​ can learn from it​ for your baby shower planning? Definitely a​ lot!

Not only are most of​ the​ print version of​ baby shower books outdated,​ these books are not suitable to​ feed the​ needs for today's busy and web-savvy women.

I've read almost all the​ baby shower related books sold on​ Amazon,​ some of​ them are good written. But compare to​ e-books,​ they are not able to​ update with fresh content in​ a​ timely manner.

Even more,​ a​ busy 9-and-5 Shower hostess is​ able to​ organizing party ideas while every and each co-hostess can read the​ same Shower planning book,​ exchange ideas,​ and provide solution using emails.

Of course,​ this only works with e-books since you​ can send as​ many copies to​ your partners without paying extra money.

Golden Tip 5: Do it​ or​ Deliberate It.

Do you​ understand that how does the​ 80/20 rule work for baby shower planning?

You're probably be good at​ creating great Shower games or​ making delicious food and drink,​ but you​ can't be an​ all-star-team on​ your own to​ plan something that please all the​ family members,​ close friends,​ and even co-workers.

The smart way is​ to​ do what you're good at​ and deliberate the​ rest to​ your co-hostess.

I have yet to​ meet a​ baby shower hostess who's been able to​ accomplish everything while trying to​ turn the​ party into a​ one man's show. Though Shower hostess must make sure that everything is​ well-organized,​ but working with a​ few partners is​ a​ wise decision.

As that,​ you​ could focus on​ only the​ most important baby shower planning and activities that you've been familiar with."

What's more...if you're a​ friend to​ the​ soon-to-be-mom or​ soon-to-be-dad,​ you​ should ask their family members to​ help in​ the​ planning details like suggesting an​ invitation list,​ gift ideas,​ or​ providing refreshments.

Golden Tip 6: Build Your Very Own Family Web Site,​ And Start Showing Off Your Baby Shower Albums.

Even you​ are a​ frequent shower hostess,​ you​ probably have no idea to​ remember what you've done for all those oh-so-cute baby cakes and oh-so-funny activities in​ detail.

It comes to​ be a​ problem when you​ want to​ reuse them for a​ coming baby shower,​ and that's why I suggest people find a​ way to​ put their used baby shower planning ideas and photos online.

Imagine this: One day,​ a​ friend of​ you​ ring your home phone to​ ask for diaper cake making tips,​ you​ can say,​ "Oh dear,​ I did make a​ 4-tier rubber ducky diaper cake months ago,​ but I really can't remember how many diapers and what baby items I've used,​ can you​ visit my website at...".

See how it​ works?

You don't have to​ be a​ computer programmer to​ create a​ Web site. if​ you​ know how to​ browser the​ Internet,​ you​ can build a​ Web site in​ minutes.

It's full of​ fun when you're writing your ideas,​ uploading your photos for people to​ share and learn from.

A few web site building tools to​ recommend: Online-hosting services like,​ and Web album programs like Picasa (owned by Google).

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