Stress Of The Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Stress of​ the​ Main Causes of​ Erectile Dysfunction
You work hard to​ earn a​ living. ​
There was your boss to​ please and​ clients to​ do a​ presentation. ​
There were still paper works laying around on​ your table and​ waiting for your attention. ​
Your colleague wants your feedback and​ you​ remember that you​ still have that report to​ finish. ​
Arriving home,​ your wife asked you,​ if ​ you​ already dropped by to​ your creditors office to​ pay off a​ long over due debt.
That was becoming your ever day scenario and​ the​ results turns out to​ be stress,​ fatigue,​ worry,​ anxiety,​ and​ it​ builds up and​ then before you​ know it. ​
it​ finally happens and​ it​ was one could no longer perform. ​
You cant get it​ up. ​
You get so frustrated and​ you​ sense if ​ this keeps going on​ too frequently your wife,​ the​ most important person in​ the​ whole; the​ one person you​ wanted to​ satisfy will be starting to​ resent you.
As a​ man,​ nothing hurts your pride more than your penis failing you​ at ​ the​ moment,​ just when you​ want her to​ have an orgasm. ​
And simply,​ what is​ an orgasm to​ a​ woman? Its the​ body leading to​ a​ climax. ​
It’s like something exploding inside of​ you​ that makes the​ lovemaking part so exciting. ​
But cant give it​ to​ her. ​
Worst,​ she thinks she is​ not desirable anymore. ​
You cant believe it​ yourself that you​ have it....this erectile dysfunction.
Erectile Dysfunction is​ the​ inability to​ achieve or​ maintain an erection. ​
Most men experience this at ​ some point of​ their lives,​ usually by age 40. ​
it​ is​ something that most men have a​ hard time dealing with; that they can’t keep it​ up for so long. ​
it​ is​ popularly known as​ impotence. ​
Having an erectile dysfunction may be sign of​ a​ physical or​ emotional problem. ​

For every 1,​000 men in​ the​ U.S today,​ most of​ them consult a​ physician for erectile dysfunction problems alone. ​
This rate has tripled by the​ year 1999 according to​ the​ National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey. ​
The most common causes of​ ED are damage to​ the​ nerve,​ smooth muscles,​ arteries,​ and​ fidrous tissues.
A lifestyle choice also plays a​ part on​ having Erectile Dysfunction ED; if ​ you​ are smoking too much,​ avoiding exercise and​ being overweight. ​
Experts believe that factors psychological factors like stress,​ guilt,​ depression and​ anxiety also contributes to​ impotence. ​
a​ man’s penis contains
two spongelike structures that run along its length and​ it​ has like a​ tube that carries semen and​ urine.
When a​ man becomes sexually aroused arousal can be visual or​ physical,​ there are nerve impulses cause the​ blood flow to​ the​ cylinders to​ increase about seven times the​ normal amount. ​
Continued sexual arousal maintains the​ higher rate of​ blood flow,​ keeping the​ erection firm. ​
After ejaculation,​ the​ excess blood drains out of​ the​ spongy tissue,​ and​ the​ penis returns to​ its nonerect size and​ shape.
Aside from the​ psychological factors of​ having ED,​ there could also be such as​ surgery or​ trauma,​ physical diseases,​ disorders,​ substance abuse and​ medications.
When erectile dysfunction last longer that two months or​ it​ becomes a​ recurring problem,​ see your doctor so he can give you​ a​ thorough physical exam. ​
Although,​ most men are embarrassed to​ admit that they have this kind of​ sexual problem. ​
it​ is​ always best to​ seek treatment. ​
Having a​ medical history can disclose if ​ there is​ other diseases that you​ has lead you​ to​ having ED.
Your physical exams can give a​ lot of​ clues. ​
it​ can point to​ a​ circulatory problem,​ hormonal or​ other unusual characteristics of​ the​ penis itself. ​
After the​ physical exam there is​ the​ laboratory tests that can help diagnose ED. ​
Test such as​ blood counts,​ lipid profile,​ urinalysis,​ and​ measurements of​ creatinine and​ liver enzymes.
Most doctors suggest having a​ healthy lifestyle can speed up treatment for those who have ED. ​
Psychotherapy and​ behavior modifications can also be considered in​ some selected patients by the​ most easiest treatment is​ taking injected or​ oral ​Drug​s.
Oral treatment such as​ Levitra which is​ a​ FDAapproved prescription medication is​ an oral tablet. ​
it​ helps increase blood flow to​ the​ penis. ​
it​ helps keep an erection that last long enough to​ finish having sex. ​
it​ was proven effective and​ reliable in​ keeping an erection for many men including those who have high blood pressure,​ high cholesterol and​ even diabetes.

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