Stress A Matter Of Judgment

Stress A Matter Of Judgment

Pressure is​ part and parcel of​ all work and helps to​ keep us motivated. But excessive pressure can lead to​ stress,​ which undermines performance,​ is​ costly to​ employers and can make people ill.

Stress,​ a​ matter of​ judgment
In becoming stressed,​ people must therefore make two main judgments: firstly they must feel threatened by the​ situation,​ and secondly they must doubt that their capabilities and resources are sufficient to​ meet the​ threat.

Damaging Stress
How stressed someone feels depends on​ how much damage they think the​ situation can do them,​ and how closely their resources meet the​ demands of​ the​ situation. This sense of​ threat is​ rarely physical. it​ may,​ for example,​ involve perceived threats to​ our social standing,​ to​ other people’s opinions of​ us,​ to​ our career prospects or​ to​ our own deeply held values.

The Immune System's Response to​ Acute Stress
The effect on​ the​ immune system from confrontation with the​ bear is​ similar to​ marshaling a​ defensive line of​ soldiers to​ potentially critical areas.

1. the​ steroid hormones dampen parts of​ the​ immune system,​ so that infection fighters (including important white blood cells) or​ other immune molecules can be redistributed.

2. These immune-boosting troops are sent to​ the​ body's front lines where injury or​ infection is​ most likely,​ such as​ the​ skin,​ the​ bone marrow,​ and the​ lymph nodes.

The Acute Response in​ the​ Mouth and Throat
As the​ bear gets closer,​ fluids are diverted from nonessential locations,​ including the​ mouth. This causes dryness and difficulty in​ talking. in​ addition,​ stress can cause spasms of​ the​ throat muscles,​ making it​ difficult to​ swallow.

Relieve your Stress with a​ Stress Ball!
How they benefit you​ is​ simple. When you​ squeeze,​ the​ muscles not only contract in​ your hand,​ but up your arm as​ well. Hold the​ squeeze for a​ second or​ two and then release. as​ your muscles relax,​ the​ tension will leave your arms and hands,​ thereby relieving stress. It’s a​ great way to​ take out your frustration.

So what are you​ waiting for? Find out more about how stress ball can benefit you​ today!

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