Stress Management Via Anger Control

Stress Management Via Anger Control

If anger rises,​ stress also rises.
If anger falls,​ stress also falls!

They are like identical twins,​ difficult to​ distinguish,​ harder to​ separate. if​ you​ deflate anger,​ it​ is​ as​ good as​ deflating stress.

Though there are many similarities between anger and stress,​ there is​ one major difference. Stress is​ accumulated in​ your mind,​ over a​ period of​ time. Anger is​ a​ spontaneous overflow of​ powerful ill feelings. Instant outburst! it​ arrives like a​ flash flood,​ and goes also quickly. if​ stress and anger both combine,​ the​ situation is​ comparable to​ an​ erupting volcano!

Stress is​ due to​ bundle of​ disturbed thoughts and circumstances and therefore has a​ reason or​ reasons. Anger does not have a​ justifiable reason as​ such. the​ issues you​ think that you​ can solve through anger can be better solved with a​ calm and controlled disposition.

There are many departments in​ management,​ the​ subject is​ becoming more and more specialized,​ but amongst all its branches,​ self management is​ the​ most important and difficult one. if​ you​ are perfect,​ your output is​ also likely to​ be perfect. From a​ disturbed state of​ mind,​ perfect results can not be expected.

Count 10 they say,​ when you​ are angry. it​ simply means,​ when you​ are angry,​ don't indulge in​ instant retaliation,​ whether physical or​ verbal. Give yourself some time to​ cool off. This deliberately given interval,​ is​ bound to​ help you​ recover from your devilish approach to​ issues.

When you​ are stressed and angry,​ metabolism that is​ going on​ within your body/mind,​ requires an​ alternative outlet,​ other than your clenched fists or​ the​ tongue itching for verbal slangs. Just move out from the​ anger junction and go for a​ walk. Talk to​ a​ set of​ different types of​ people. Do some light physical exercises. Take a​ shower. Your emotions need an​ outlet. Listen to​ music.

You know by experience,​ very well that your angry outbursts in​ the​ past,​ have not helped your cause. They might have caused you​ damage and increased your stress.

Temper is​ very valuable; do not lose it. Stress is​ junk; you​ can afford to​ lose it! Once you​ have controlled temper,​ the​ defenses of​ the​ fort of​ stress get weakened. it​ is​ much easy to​ tackle the​ weakened enemy. Sit down quietly,​ and begin the​ deep analysis of​ the​ stress. Take out the​ rotten stress petals one by one.

The process of​ self management in​ you,​ has begun!

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