Stress Management The New Health Trend

Stress Management The New Health Trend

What is​ it​ about stress and stress management that everybody has their panties up in​ a​ bunch about now-a-days? I mean do we really think that our society today is​ more stressed out than back in​ the​ days when people were dying right and left,​ eaten by large animals,​ starving,​ being shot with arrows,​ etc.? I mean you've got to​ be kidding me right? Well yes and no. the​ fact is​ that people who are stressed out by today's standards have more life limiting diseases such as​ cancer and heart disease and these are also the​ same people who aren't living as​ long. This is​ in​ comparison to​ the​ average person who doesn't face any of​ the​ stresses like those mentioned above and the​ present day people that do.

So what the​ heck is​ going on? Well there has been a​ lot of​ research done on​ the​ nature of​ stress and the​ mechanisms that were designed by God in​ our bodies to​ deal with it. Most people have heard of​ the​ fight-or-flight response and this turns out to​ be a​ major mechanism that affects our health negatively. So what has changed? This mechanism is​ certainly been helpful to​ our ancestors as​ they dealt with stress--a life preserving rather than life limiting process. Well it​ turns out that the​ kind of​ stress that we face today turns this system on​ almost as​ well as​ the​ other more immediate life threats but our bodies don't absorb it​ in​ the​ same way and so it​ goes unnaturally unchecked and takes its toll. We therefore need a​ different type of​ stress management than we were naturally getting by running away from the​ large beast that was trying to​ eat us.

Exercise is​ one obvious type of​ stress management that helps to​ use up or​ absorb some of​ the​ sympathetic tone that is​ the​ "fight-or-flight" response to​ job and life stress. it​ does things like check the​ increased heart rate and the​ high amounts of​ insulin and other hormones in​ our system,​ and it​ gives us natural mood enhancing substances (endorphins) which counter the​ stress response as​ well. Another aspect is​ the​ cognitive response to​ stress that needs to​ be addressed.

Partly or​ emotional and mental health is​ addressed by exercise but it​ also needs to​ be addressed in​ terms of​ some of​ the​ behaviors that we choose to​ dull rather than correct our unhealthy stress response. We need to​ find correct ways of​ thinking rather than use substances like alcohol,​ nicotine,​ and illicit drugs to​ mask our low moods. We need to​ train our minds to​ think positively. We need to​ find alternative activities and vents for our feelings like art and social release. We need to​ eat better and be out side more to​ get the​ natural anti-depressants that are found there and are much healthier. Only then will we be approaching stress management in​ a​ healthy and life extending way.

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