Stress Management Is A Learned Technique

Stress Management Is A Learned Technique

Here I will begin with something that happened many many years ago. it​ was when I attended my college in​ 1994 in​ Princeton.

When I saw him for the​ first time in​ the​ Class Room,​ I was a​ bit surprised. How could this sort of​ a​ human being who is​ typical of​ his Eastern reigns,​ be our “Stress Management” Professor? His stiff face seemed incapable of​ generating any smile! Lines appeared on​ his forehead,​ even before he was making efforts to​ start his career in​ our College with his first lecture on​ “Stress Management.” I was a​ bit anxious and eager to​ enjoy his maiden performance!

I thought he would start with a​ big platitude on​ the​ subject of​ stress and how to​ manage it​ and all that! By quoting definitions and mentioning the​ names of​ famous psychologists.

He didn’t do that.

It was very interesting how he propagated the​ subject of​ stress management for 21 century youth. I am reproducing his one-shot lecture on​ stress management. it​ helped me and it​ might help you​ as​ well.

“First off,​ I will give you​ example of​ my grandma- how she manages the​ stress! Curry for the​ night is​ her worry for the​ morning…and look,​ how nicely she carries the​ burden of​ stress and its management. She manages stress in​ her typical style,​ every day! you​ go by her words,​ think that she is​ stressed! But how crafty she is,​ in​ the​ domestic front!”

Stress management is​ a​ technique. it​ is​ winning over any tough situation,​ with the​ charm of​ your personality and deft handling of​ the​ situation. it​ is​ about meeting the​ challenges. Convert defeat into a​ victory!

Causes of​ stress may be many; for its management,​ no hard and fast rules can be prescribed. you​ have to​ deal with the​ stress,​ as​ per the​ demands of​ time and situation.

The reasons for stress may be:

1. Danger
2. Threat
3. Good or​ bad news
4. Illness
5. Perceptible changes in​ one’s identification with the​ self
6. Any other strong external or​ internal stimuli

How to​ manage the​ stress?
Before you​ think about managing the​ stress,​ you​ need to​ understand the​ bottom line of​ your stress. Its root cause! Its real cause! Only then you​ can think about the​ management of​ stress. For public consumption,​ you​ can project any cause,​ but you​ know what is​ really wrong with you. There are several ancillary tools to​ assist you​ in​ stress management.

These hints can help you​ in​ stress management:

1. Organize yourself in​ a​ methodical manner.
2. Develop a​ confidence,​ that you​ possess grit for conflict resolution.
3. Let your approach be positive.
4. Auto-suggestion- Talk to​ yourself.
5. Do pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.
6. Do light exercises regularly.
7. Do not over-exert.
8. Keep a​ diet control. What you​ eat and how you​ eat is​ important!

In the​ end,​ what matters in​ stress management,​ is​ your strong will power. Have a​ will to​ outgrow the​ stress,​ and grow your will!

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