Stress Management Ideas

Stress Management Ideas

Are you​ somebody who always seems to​ be under stress? Do you​ worry most of​ the​ time and feel that you​ have the​ weight of​ the​ world on​ your shoulders? For the​ first twenty-two years of​ my life,​ I was constantly down and depressed and used to​ feel very sorry for myself. This article describes how I managed to​ break free of​ this depression to​ have a​ fairly stress-free life.

Growing up I felt rather hard done by,​ that life had not dealt me a​ good hand of​ cards. These were the​ reasons I felt sorry for myself:

I had a​ speech impediment,​ known as​ a​ stutter

I have a​ bald patch on​ my head the​ size of​ a​ ten pence piece

Due to​ comfort eating,​ I was overweight

I am quite short for a​ male at​ five foot four

Some of​ the​ above you​ may think are quite trivial issues,​ however for me especially as​ a​ teenager they caused me a​ lot of​ stress.

Stuttering was the​ major thorn in​ my side causing me many problems and traumas. I suffered with this speech impediment for eighteen years before finally managing to​ beat the​ problem. I now help other people to​ achieve fluency.

At the​ age of​ twenty-two I started to​ read a​ lot of​ books about positive thinking and also started to​ take more of​ an​ interest in​ world affairs. This gave me a​ huge wake up call as​ it​ made me realise that I was actually dealt a​ very good set of​ cards. There are not many countries I would rather have been born in,​ the​ things above that I felt were so terrible are in​ fact very trivial compared to​ people who live in​ parts of​ Africa,​ as​ an​ example.

I had stressed so much that by the​ age of​ twenty-one my hair had already started to​ turn grey. a​ colleague at​ work was also to​ have a​ huge affect on​ my life without him even knowing it. He was a​ man (I will call him Peter) who had many of​ his own issues. Peter had learning difficulties,​ had what I call the​ shakes,​ did not have many friends and did not have a​ girlfriend in​ the​ six years that I knew him. I would meet Peter for lunch on​ most days and he would always have a​ beaming smile on​ his face. One day I thought to​ myself,​ what have you​ got to​ smile about? I then decided that if​ he could smile then so could I.

I now am very happy with who I am,​ and if​ people do not like me,​ I don't care. Life is​ so much easier now!

Stress Management Ideas

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