Stress Management Advice And Tips

Stress Management Advice And Tips

In this article I write about how we need to​ chill out,​ relax and to​ live a​ stress-free life. For many years I did not live life this way and found myself constantly worrying about what other people thought of​ me. This was not exactly a​ happy period in​ my life and after a​ lot of​ hard work and determination,​ I have managed to​ turn my life around. I now do not care at​ all what anyone else thinks of​ me.

I had always wanted to​ be popular,​ liked and part of​ the​ in​ crowd. I bent over backwards to​ achieve this and often did and went to​ places that I did not want to​ go to,​ just to​ please other people. you​ should not bow down to​ peer pressure but I certainly did. I am not really sure why I craved this attention but I seemed to​ have a​ need to​ be liked. I was constantly paranoid that people were talking behind my back and laughing at​ me.

I lived life like this for quite a​ long time and was basically being a​ fool as​ I was often depressed. I needed to​ get myself out of​ a​ rut and sought inspiration from books,​ newspapers and television.

I was now twenty-two years of​ age and had achieved very little in​ life up to​ this point. in​ one of​ the​ newspapers I read,​ there was an​ article in​ the​ letters page which had been sent in​ by a​ woman who was in​ her seventies. it​ was quite a​ funny letter and she wrote about how she loved being old. She mentioned that she can now stay in​ bed all day if​ she wants to​ and does not care what people think of​ her. if​ she is​ invited to​ a​ social occasion which she does not want to​ attend,​ she will say no without feeling any sense of​ guilt. She wrote that for the​ first time in​ her life she does not care at​ all what people think of​ her and lives life doing exactly what she wants to​ do. She ended by saying that she felt free for the​ first time in​ her life and that she had never been happier.

I thought about what she had written and realised that I also felt trapped. I did not want to​ wait until I was in​ my seventies to​ be set free,​ I wanted freedom now. I had to​ change my attitude to​ life and I decided to​ stop trying so hard. I no longer go to​ places I do not want to​ go to. if​ people call me boring I do not care,​ I reply,​ boring but happy. I now feel that I am stronger mentally than I ever have been and I am also happier than ever before.

I have looked at​ myself in​ the​ mirror (a bit weird) and have thought about how I live my life. I think I am a​ decent person,​ I try to​ be kind to​ everyone I meet,​ I do not cheat and I work very hard to​ achieve my goals. I actually for the​ first time in​ my life,​ quite like myself,​ therefore if​ other people choose not to,​ that is​ fine by me.

In conclusion life is​ to​ short to​ waste worrying about what other people think of​ you. Make the​ most of​ life,​ learn to​ like yourself and relax,​ worrying about something does not help anyway,​ it​ makes situations even worse.

Good luck in​ your quest for happiness and freedom.

Stress Management Advice And Tips

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