Stress Is The Part Of Life

Stress Is The Part Of Life

Stress,​ in​ the​ negative sense,​ is​ the​ root cause of​ all problems.

Stress,​ in​ the​ positive sense,​ is​ the​ galvanizing force for all creative and constructive activities.

Stress relief has to​ be achieved-- it​ is​ both art and science!

When you​ manage the​ stress,​ the​ negative tendencies fall apart. And when this happens,​ relief is​ the​ natural outcome.

You manage stress relief over any particular issue. Soon you​ are upset over another issue,​ which means that your mind requires further tuning. Any temporary gain is​ no gain at​ all. you​ don't like sending the​ vehicle to​ the​ garage for repairs every other day. you​ seek the​ advice of​ the​ mechanic for a​ permanent solution. Stress relief measures that you​ adopt,​ must chisel out a​ new personality of​ you,​ from your existing confusing set up.

First of​ all,​ you​ have to​ scan your personality in​ an​ impartial manner- observe yourself from a​ distance. Be not afraid to​ own your shortcomings. it​ is​ time to​ remove the​ damaged bricks in​ your personality and replace them with new ones! Analyze the​ activities of​ your day and begin the​ process of​ building your skills,​ one by one. Do not try so many things simultaneously.

It is​ true,​ that the​ fast pace of​ the​ modern materialistic world,​ gives rise to​ various types of​ stress. But we can not walk back. We have to​ catch up with the​ times. Stress relief is​ not in​ inaction,​ but participating in​ the​ action in​ an​ intelligent manner,​ by absolutely being clear about “what to​ do” and “what not to​ do” things. For that,​ you​ have to​ develop your time management concepts,​ information and leadership skills and engage yourself in​ practical creativity. Let the​ mind go wherever it​ is​ necessary,​ and stop wandering aimlessly.

Once that smooth and even level is​ achieved,​ all the​ related functions like problem solving,​ decision making and communications skills become easy. you​ will also find remarkable improvement in​ your memory.

Stress varies in​ degree from individual to​ individual. So,​ the​ stress relief measures can not be the​ same for all. the​ response for any particular situation varies. This apart,​ stress need not carry the​ connotation of​ sadness always. a​ happy event may also cause you​ tremendous stress. Winning a​ huge lottery,​ will give you​ lots of​ stress,​ but relief for your creditors!

Let the​ stress relief measures that you​ adopt,​ lead you​ to​ become a​ cheerful personality. Take it,​ stress is​ a​ part of​ life. Life is​ to​ be lived in​ its trials & tribulations,​ in​ its duty and beauty!

Stress Is The Part Of Life

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