Stress In The Call Center Industry

Stress In The Call Center Industry

Stress in​ the​ Call Center Industry
The customers are the​ lifeblood of​ any company. ​
The company is​ dependent on​ their customers and​ not the​ other way around. ​
So a​ customer is​ treated like a​ king or​ a​ queen and,​ as​ the​ saying goes,​ the​ customer is​ always right. ​
And for this reason alone,​ many companies see the​ value of​ having a​ customer service department that can address the​ needs and​ complaints of​ every customer on​ a​ fulltime basis. ​
a​ call center agent plays a​ very important role. ​
The agent serves as​ a​ link and​ that agent can be doing online reservations,​ do technical support,​ facilitate an ordered product,​ or​ provide directory assistance. ​

Depending on​ how many phone calls are received some companies need a​ lot of​ employees to​ handle the​ large volume of​ these calls. ​
Their main task is​ to​ take calls and​ do problemsolving for the​ customers then move on​ the​ next customer that is​ waiting in​ line. ​
Sometimes,​ a​ call center agent couldnt even catch his or​ her own breath especially during the​ peak hours. ​
On a​ very busy day,​ a​ customer service agent would take more than 100 phone calls depending also the​ length of​ each call on​ their given work. ​

Depending on​ the​ kind of​ work they do for their respective companies,​ its not just taking a​ call from a​ customer but a​ Customer Service agent CSR will be doing multitasking work of​ inputing data on​ the​ specialize software in​ their computers. ​
But despite computer automation,​ it​ is​ putting so much strain and​ later on​ stressed for the​ agent as​ they keep this routine everyday. ​
it​ is​ not easy taking calls from angry and​ demanding customers and​ be a​ problem solver at ​ the​ same time.
A sign that a​ customer service agent is​ already stressed out from his/her work are the​ following
l Social withdrawal
l Decline in​ Quality Assurance for an extended periods
l Frequent absences and/or lates
l Negative comments regarding the​ account and​ nature of​ the​ work
l Frequent and​ inconsistent complaints about management
Call center agents might not have the​ best work life,​ this may vary from company to​ company,​ there are tracking software and​ metrics to​ analyze all calls like how long does it​ take to​ resolve a​ particular problem and​ how long the​ customer should wait. ​
That job can be really taxing and​ indeed its been a​ fact among call center industries that it​ is​ stressful environment and​ it​ needs to​ be addressed as​ soon as​ possible as​ training a​ call center agent can be costly and​ all must focused on​ retaining a​ workforce.
Stress Management Strategies
There are still some ways to​ make your call center agents stay on​ top of​ the​ stressful situations that come everyday. ​
Some tips to​ do this include the​ following
l Find out what motivates them and​ how to​ boost their morale
l Ways to​ recognize and​ reward employees
l Improving agent job satisfaction
l Create Employee Development Programs
l Create opportunities for advancement
l Making their workstations more pleasant to​ used and​ look at
Ever if ​ there are sophisticated automated systems available,​ there is​ still no substitute for human interaction when it​ comes to​ customer service. ​
Superior service is​ not just directed to​ your customers but also to​ call center agents who serve as​ front liners of​ the​ company. ​
Therefore,​ having an opendoor policy and​ freeflowing communications between the​ agent and​ the​ management are necessary to​ find solutions on​ how to​ combat stress in​ the​ call center arena.

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