Stress How Time Managment Causes Stress

Stress How Time Managment Causes Stress

For last few decades,​ every author or​ speaker on​ management and self-help has said something about time management. Allocate time,​ analyze the​ work pattern,​ list out the​ priorities and assign time limits. After all time is​ life,​ and one must try to​ get maximum out of​ time.

What every one is​ advising is​ to​ streamline the​ life like a​ machine. Decide to​ achieve goals,​ allocate time,​ and try to​ achieve the​ best in​ that much time. What about life and living? if​ these people were to​ advise the​ lions in​ Africa,​ they would have prepared a​ time chart for hunting,​ relaxing,​ eating sleeping and so on. the​ lion would have got bored and run away from that consultant. the​ lion enjoys life on​ his own terms. He does what gives him joy and forgets the​ rest. This desire to​ get best out of​ time is​ taking a​ big toll on​ very young and old alike around the​ world. in​ India,​ parents give very little free time to​ a​ child to​ be him/her self. it​ is​ either school,​ or​ classes or​ homework or​ a​ hobby teacher. Everything is​ structured for a​ young child. He/she must live life like that and forget the​ joy of​ exploring life and enjoying it. Sometimes I wonder that if​ a​ time management is​ appointed to​ analyze the​ relaxation patterns and give advice on​ how we should relax,​ they will make our life hell. What about creativity? What about enjoying life,​ the​ nature,​ the​ nights and the​ sunsets? What about living?

I don't say that time is​ not important. I don't say that time should be wasted. But I do say that we should not live like machines. We are not made to​ do like that. We fail to​ enjoy the​ pains and pleasures if​ we live a​ very structured life. We get stressed. And the​ stress may at​ times so overwhelm us that despite all the​ time management,​ our performance will suffer beyond repair. No inventive or​ original thinking can be done in​ given time. Ask a​ scientist to​ sit on​ a​ chair and think of​ a​ good idea in​ the​ given time. He/she will fail without doubt. the​ mind works and produces best results when allowed to​ be free of​ the​ artificial shackles.

Please manage time,​ please don't waste time in​ useless ways of​ working,​ but please enjoy your life. Do new things,​ think,​ imagine,​ daydream and watch the​ stars. We are after all human beings and not machines. Please don't get stressed by these theories of​ time management. Get the​ best out of​ them and enjoy.

Stress How Time Managment Causes Stress

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