Stress How Aromatherapy Can Combat Its Effects

Stress How Aromatherapy can combat its Effects
Unfortunately,​ in​ todays fast paced,​ highly technical world … stress,​ worry and​ anxiety are facts of​ life and​ we have become accustomed to​ feeling stressed 24/7! We are a​ ‘Stressedout Nation’ and​ are dealing with our stress in​ unhealthy ways!
More than half of​ working adults are NOW concerned with the​ amount of​ stress in​ their lives; moreover,​ people experiencing stress are more likely to​ report hypertension,​ anxiety,​ depression or​ obesity. ​

We are reacting to​ both work and​ family stress by engaging in​ unhealthy behaviors; comfort eating,​ making poor diet choices,​ become very inactive,​ smoking,​ excessive drinking ​alcohol​ and​ ​Drug​s both prescription and​ illegal.
Women seem to​ suffer from stress more often than men; with 73% of​ women identifying themselves as​ the​ primary decisionmaker in​ the​ household and​ the​ caregivers for their children,​ partner and​ in​ some cases parent or​ parents,​ each aspect of​ care brings stress. ​
Unfortunately,​ too often women do not take the​ necessary steps to​ alleviate that stress,​ and​ their own physical health suffers.
The bad news is; that your stress can easily turn into distress or​ chronic tension when stressors are unrelieved and​ ongoing. ​
Unrelieved chronic stress can lead to​ a​ host of​ undesirable effects,​ such as;
• severe irritability and​ impatience
• sleep disturbances or​ insomnia
• mood swings
• crying
• inability to​ focus
• serious fatigue
• weight gain
• excessive worrying
• aches and​ pains
• a primary culprit in​ many diseases
It also takes a​ physical toll,​ and​ can weaken your immune system,​ cause damage to​ memory cells,​ as​ well as​ increase risk of​ headaches including migraines,​ digestive disorders,​ high blood pressure and​ chronic anxiety,​ basically,​ control your life! Studies show that the​ cumulative effects of​ stress can have serious longterm consequences. ​
in​ fact,​ 70% of​ disease is​ caused by stress in​ both the​ body and​ mind!
The good news is; just as​ the​ name implies,​ aromatherapy is​ indeed a​ therapy that uses aroma for healing and​ a​ sense of​ well being. ​
Aromatherapy,​ offers you​ many ways to​ deal with the​ stresses you​ may be experiencing. ​

Have you​ ever noticed how the​ effects of​ aromas on​ your mind and​ emotions can make you​ feel better about yourself and​ situation? Aromas can improve your mood,​ reduce stress,​ give you​ more energy,​ help you​ relax and​ even help you​ to​ fall asleep more easily. ​

Imagine yourself walking along a​ country road and​ you​ smell the​ trees,​ the​ fragrant bushes and​ flowers in​ bloom. ​
you​ breathe in​ deeply to​ really enjoy and​ savor the​ aroma of​ the​ country … and​ suddenly you​ feel your anxiety melt away. ​
the​ truth is; that scents can transport you,​ take you​ away from your daily stresses. ​

Aromatherapy dates back more than 5000 years and​ is​ one of​ the​ most readily available forms of​ healing therapy. ​
you​ already practice the​ art of​ aromatherapy and​ just don’t realize it,​ for example; when we walk past a​ bakery,​ we tend to​ stop and​ take a​ deep breathe in​ and​ smell that freshly baked bread,​ pies or​ other goodies... ​
or​ when you​ visit a​ gift shop and​ you​ try to​ isolate the​ fabulous smells that confront you​ when you​ first walk through the​ door.
Now,​ if ​ youre like most people,​ you​ may often take fragrances for granted; thats because aroma is​ all around us everyday and​ every where we go. ​
Aromas may be common place,​ but youll have to​ agree; they greatly enhance life... ​

Finding a​ few minutes to​ relax and​ reenergize on​ a​ daily basis is​ a​ necessity these days ~ no longer a​ luxury… but how many people actually take the​ time? and​ of​ course,​ a​ visit to​ ‘The Spa’ can be an expensive endeavor,​ one that happens infrequently,​ if ​ at ​ all…
Aromatherapy HomeSpa treatments could be the​ answer you’re looking for… With various at ​ HomeSpa treatments using aromatherapybased products and​ accessories you​ can virtually create your own HomeSpa whenever you​ feel the​ need. ​
in​ other words make every day … a​ day at ​ the​ spa!

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