Stress Free Living

Stress Free Living

This month I want to​ talk about stress-free living. Summer shouldn't be the​ only time we slow down and smell the​ roses. Why not make it​ a​ lifestyle? How do we do that? Let me suggest four important keys that just might help:

1. Keep it​ simple!

Our lives are just far too busy at​ times. We exert so much energy and time trying to​ please,​ impress,​ or​ keep up with the​ Jones' that it​ can get downright crazy at​ times. Even having someone over for dinner can become a​ major production. Whatever happened to​ “just come over and we will grill some hotdogs”?

Okay,​ time to​ SIMPLIFY!!! God really does want you​ to​ enjoy your life! So why not start today? Ask yourself,​"What is​ the​ one thing I could let go of​ today that would make my life a​ little easier?" Remember life is​ short so keep it​ simple!

2. Lighten up!

Not only are we stressed out but we are ridden with anxiety and concern. Just get on​ a​ highway and you​ can tell from the​ aggressive drivers that people are in​ a​ hurry to​ go - where? Are you​ a​ person that is​ uptight and easily agitated? Maybe it’s time to​ lighten up!

How long has it​ been since you​ really had fun? Fun doesn’t always have to​ be expensive or​ elaborate. Time for the​ kid in​ you​ come out! Go ahead and be silly. It’s okay. Rediscover some fun in​ your life. Sometimes we are just way too serious for our own good. Learn to​ laugh,​ even at​ your mistakes,​ and not take yourself so seriously. it​ is​ true that a​ merry heart acts like medicine. it​ is​ good for the​ soul. So lighten up!

3. Live in​ the​ moment!

If we are not anxious to​ get to​ the​ next place or​ phase in​ our life,​we are too often bogged down with our past and regrets. It's a​ new day,​ a​ new moment that you​ will never live again so why not enjoy? Whatever happened to​ "THIS is​ the​ DAY that the​ Lord has made,​ I will rejoice and be glad in​ it"?

Your past is​ history and your future isn’t guaranteed. Why not squeeze the​ most out of​ today? Try something new. Go to​ a​ different store. Eat at​ a​ different restaurant. Speak to​ a​ stranger. Pick some flowers! Get creative and enjoy the​ moment while you​ can. Don’t live your life with regrets. Enjoy today!

4. Let go and Let God!

Jesus said “My peace I give to​ you." What a​ promise! God not only wants us to​ have joy in​ this life but peace. the​ antithesis of​ stress is​ peace. What would your life be like if​ it​ was peaceful? We are too often carrying things we were never meant to​ carry. Give over your worries,​ your anxiety and fear to​ God. Let go and let God. It’s time for peace!

So what are you​ waiting for? I believe stress free living can become a​ way of​ life as​ we learn to​ simplify our lives,​ lighten up,​ live more in​ the​ moment,​ give our problems and concerns over to​ a​ gracious and loving God.

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