Stress Eliminating Affirmations

Stress Eliminating Affirmations

Our thoughts create our reality. Here are some Affirmations which create a​ more positive,​ happier more fulfilling reality.

A. About Ability and Security

1. Anxiety solves no problems – actions do.

2. Some problems are problems only because I believe them to​ be.

3. I have the​ inner power and strength to​ deal with whatever life brings me.

4. I am capable of​ handling any possible difficulties which might occur.

5. I feel safe and secure in​ every situation.

6. While making my own sincere effort,​ I entrust my life,​ my family and the​ results of​ all my efforts into God’s (the Universes) wise and just judgment.

7. Life gives me in​ each moment exactly what I need in​ every situation in​ order to​ be happy,​ perform my life and purpose and grow spiritually.

8. I am intelligent and capable enough to​ succeed in​ any endeavor which is​ important to​ me.

B. About Self-Worth

1. My self-worth is​ a​ function of​ my inner being (0f who I am) and not what others think of​ me or​ how much I accomplish.

2. the​ results of​ my efforts depend on​ many different factors including also my efforts.

3. My self worth is​ totally independent of​ any external factors such as: intelligence,​ wealth,​ my home,​ appearance,​ talents,​ professional success,​ my children’s success,​ being attractive to​ the​ opposite sex,​ making friends,​ disciplines,​ "spiritual" activities.

4. I am worthy of​ love and respect even when I am not perfect in​ what I do and even when I make mistakes.

5. My self-worth is​ totally independent of​ whether others agree with me or​ are satisfied with me.

6. My self-worth is​ totally independent of​ how people behave towards me.

7. My self-worth is​ totally independent of​ how much others work or​ how they work or​ what they believe about me.

8. My self-worth is​ a​ reflection of​ my divine nature and not my gender,​ religion,​ social class etc.

9. I am a​ good person,​ a​ worthy person.

C. Freedom and Love

1. I respect and love all persons (especially my parents and family) without feeling any need whatsoever to​ live my life according to​ their beliefs or​ values. I live my life in​ harmony with my inner values and beliefs.

2. I am in​ no way responsible for others people’s reality but only for my own motives and behavior towards them.

3. No one else is​ responsible for my reality. I am totally responsible for what I feel and experience in​ life.

4. I am responsible for my purity of​ my motives and quality of​ my efforts and not for the​ results of​ my efforts or​ their affect on​ others.

5. All beings deserve my love and respect,​ including myself

6. I understand the​ fears behind each person’s negative actions.

7. I am free in​ each moment to​ be myself.

8. No one can limit my freedom unless I need something from them.

9. Real freedom is​ freedom from fears,​ needs and false limiting beliefs.

10. Real freedom is​ the​ ability to​ do what ever is​ in​ my best interest as​ a​ soul in​ the​ process of​ evolution.

11. Real freedom is​ the​ freedom to​ experience peace,​ love and happiness regardless of​ what happens or​ others’ behavior.

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(Adapted from the​ "The Psychology of​ Happiness" by Robert Najemy)

Stress Eliminating Affirmations

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