Stress Control It Change It Or Let It Go

Have you​ ever tried to​ control other people? Who gets stressed out? Have you​ ever tried to​ control things or​ events over which you​ had no control? Do you​ find that stressful?

There are different typed of​ stressful situations. Some,​ like people interrupting you​ all the​ time,​ you​ can control. you​ can let the​ interrupters know you​ are busy and don't have time to​ talk.

Other stresses,​ like rush hour traffic,​ are usually beyond your control. But there are some things about rush hour traffic that you​ can personally change which may help; taking a​ different route,​ for example,​ or​ traveling at​ a​ different time. of​ course,​ these changes are not always possible. in​ that case,​ you​ have to​ change your attitude about the​ situation,​ in​ order to​ lessen the​ stress. you​ can listen to​ music or​ educational tapes or​ books-on-tape. Rush hour traffic won't seem as​ frustrating because you'll be doing something to​ help keep your mind off the​ traffic and other drivers. in​ order to​ let go of​ commute stress,​ you​ have to​ accept the​ situation. you​ must accept that you​ cannot control the​ traffic,​ no matter how much you​ yell and gesture at​ other drivers to​ speed up. a​ stressful commute can ruin your whole day,​ don't let it! Accept that,​ if​ you​ are unable to​ change your route,​ or​ your time of​ travel,​ you​ are powerless over everything on​ the​ road,​ with the​ exception of​ your car and your attitude. Control your attitude,​ let go of​ the​ traffic,​ and you​ can control your stress!

You can learn to​ manage a​ great deal of​ your stress by asking looking at​ each stressor and asking yourself "Can I control it,​ can I change it,​ or​ do I need to​ learn to​ let it​ go?

The "control,​ change,​ or​ let go" concept is​ an​ important key to​ stress management. We spend too much time worrying about things over which we have no control that we have no energy left to​ control the​ things we can. We become so overwhelmed,​ that we feel like our whole life is​ out of​ control and we'll never catch up. Once you​ understand the​ "control,​ change,​ or​ let go" concept and start putting it​ into practice you​ will be able to​ deal much better with stressful situations.

So much of​ our stress comes from trying to​ control other people,​ places and things when we simply cannot. We are the​ ones who end up with the​ stress and resulting headaches! the​ people we try to​ control go home,​ or​ simply ignore us,​ barely giving us a​ thought. That's why it​ is​ so easy to​ build up resentments against other people in​ situations or​ jobs when we don't think we have much control. on​ the​ job,​ it​ impedes productivity and healthy teamwork. People tend to​ blame other people. if​ you​ are stressed out because of​ others,​ it's important to​ go through the​ steps of​ control,​ change and letting go. Unless you​ are ready to​ leave your job,​ family,​ or​ the​ planet earth,​ chances are you​ will continue working or​ being around the​ "stressful people." Ask yourself if​ the​ other person is​ actually a​ "stress carrier,​" or​ simply has a​ different style.

Letting go is​ a​ process. it​ takes time,​ and doesn't always happen at​ once just because we will it. We have to​ use our thoughts to​ control our emotions and our actions. Remind yourself that there are people and events you​ cannot control. All you​ can control is​ your attitude and your reactions. Its possible to​ change yourself-talk about the​ situation. Identify which stresses you​ can control,​ take appropriate action,​ and learn to​ let go of​ the​ things you​ can't.

Pick something in​ your life that stresses you​ out. Can you​ control it? if​ so,​ what can you​ do? Can you​ change it? if​ so,​ how? Perhaps you​ can only change or​ control a​ part of​ it. Do you​ need to​ let it​ go? if​ so,​ what can you​ do in​ order to​ let go?

You can view life as​ unexpected and exciting or​ your can view it​ as​ scary because you​ don't know what the​ future holds. Take charge; take control or​ let it​ go. the​ choice is​ yours!

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