Stress Can Visualization Help

Stress Can Visualization Help

I am under stress right now. Please don't bother me. I am facing real bad stress at​ my work place. Please tell me what can be done? Our relationship is​ under great stress. Can we not try anything to​ reduce it? My kids put me under so much stress. I feel helpless. And so on. Stress is​ one of​ the​ most commonly used words. Let us try to​ understand how to​ fight it. And this article is​ timely as​ April is​ Stress awareness month.

How is​ Stress defined? Pressure,​ strain,​ anxiety,​ worry etc. All those negative states that make living difficult are commonly termed as​ stress. Any time,​ when the​ locus of​ control goes beyond our capacity,​ we feel stressed. as​ far as​ we are in​ control,​ we are able to​ cope it,​ and as​ soon as​ we begin losing control,​ we experience stress.

The worst part of​ stress is​ the​ common methods used to​ fight it. Smoking and alcohol are common stress busters. Even overeating for some of​ us is​ a​ stress buster. All these put more pressure on​ our mind and body and lead to​ diseases.

What are the​ easy ways to​ beat stress? Would getting away from the​ stressful situation for some time help? Yes it​ can,​ and if​ we add an​ exercise of​ imagination where we imagine of​ someone else facing stress and visualizing his/her responses,​ that can give us many insights to​ our situation. Try this. Imagine that someone else is​ facing the​ situation of​ yours. Observe that person carefully. Read the​ mind of​ that person. Note the​ physical signs. Observe how she/he is​ reacting. Keep yourself totally uninvolved,​ though it​ is​ yourself you​ are thinking about. This exercise may give you​ some key insights to​ your reaction to​ stress. Now imagine of​ this person responding to​ the​ stressed person relaxingly. Watch the​ stress dissolving. Note how the​ person has suddenly begun looking in​ control. Do this few times when ever you​ face stress that may be overwhelming you. Visualization helps many of​ us. if​ you​ also get some help with such an​ exercise,​ you​ will beat stress in​ the​ initial stage itself and keep your control with yourself.

A very good method of​ reducing stress is​ listening to​ peaceful music and reading motivational text messages. you​ can do that sitting right in​ front of​ your desktop with good screensavers and wallpapers of​ motivation,​ living,​ daily thoughts,​ success thoughts etc.

Stress takes away control from us. When we get the​ control back,​ stress disappears. Control may be got back only by fighting the​ stress causing situation and finding solutions. That can be done only if​ we are confident and relaxed. Visualization helps us achieving that state. This is​ a​ simple exercise. Try it. Never take stress lightly. as​ soon as​ you​ find that stress is​ causing you​ more damage than you​ can cope up with,​ take professional help.

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