Stress At Work In The UK

Stress At Work In The UK

Stress at​ Work in​ the​ UK

At Claims Master Group we understand the​ unhappiness,​ depression ill health and stress which can be brought on​ by bad working conditions & unfair working practices. in​ many cases,​ there are good grounds for claiming compensation for stress at​ work

For example:

Unrealistic service levels or​ deadlines at​ work causing stress and depression

The rise in​ sexual discrimination can lead to​ stress and depression at​ work

An unclean work environment stress and depression at​ work

The fear of​ continual racist abuse causing stress and depression at​ work

Not allowing necessary breaks from work can often cause stress and depression at​ work

Employees who become depressed at​ work through stress,​ they deserve to​ claim compensation

What is​ stress?

HSE defines stress as​ "the adverse reaction people have to​ excessive pressure or​ other types of​ demand placed on​ them". Pressure is​ part and parcel of​ all work and helps to​ keep us motivated . But excessive pressure can lead to​ stress which undermines performance,​ is​ costly to​ employers and can make people ill.

Why do we need to​ tackle stress?

· about half a​ million people in​ the​ UK experience work-related stress at​ a​ level they believe is​ making them ill;

· up to​ 5 million people in​ the​ UK feel "very" or​ "extremely" stressed by their work; and

· a​ total of​ 12.8 million working days were lost to​ stress,​ depression and anxiety in​ 2004/5.

Employers should look at:

· developing appropriate and effective policy

· organising a​ risk assessment and benchmarking exercise

· developing appropriate training for managers and staff

· developing support structures and services as​ needed

Bullying at​ work can be grounds for compensation

There are many more causes of​ employee stress and depression at​ work.

However there is​ some good news. you​ could be entitled to​ reasonable compensation if​ you​ are suffering stress and depression at​ work or​ have been forced to​ resign from work because of​ undue stress which has led to​ depression.


If you​ need advice or​ would just like to​ speak to​ someone,​ please don’t hesitate to​ give Claims Master Group a​ call on​ 08000 71 22 71.

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