Stress Anxiety And Weddings

Stress Anxiety And Weddings 1

Stress,​ Anxiety and​ Weddings
Weddings. ​
Weve all seen them. ​
Some of​ us have been to​ one or​ two of​ them. ​
a​ few probably have participated in​ one. ​
However,​ none of​ us can really know what it​ feels like to​ get married until the​ moment arrives when one sits at ​ the​ altar,​ with half your instincts telling you​ to​ run to​ the​ nearest exit and​ not look back. ​
One cant imagine or​ understand what it​ really means to​ seal the​ deal,​ strap on​ the​ old ball and​ chain,​ and​ say goodbye to​ all the​ subtle pleasures and​ little freedoms that being single affords a​ person,​ not to​ mention the​ relative financial security.
The fact is,​ weddings cause brides and​ grooms insane amounts of​ stress and​ anxiety. ​
From the​ moment the​ guy decides to​ propose,​ theres an undue amount of​ pressure that has to​ be dealt with. ​
Selecting the​ perfect place,​ finding the​ right ring,​ and​ getting the​ mood for that particular event just right can wreak untold havoc on​ an otherwise normal and​ fully functioning mind. ​
of​ course,​ this is​ nothing compared to​ the​ stress and​ anxiety that comes with actually planning the​ wedding.
However,​ the​ fact is,​ the​ most amount of​ stress and​ anxiety tends to​ come at ​ the​ day of​ the​ wedding itself. ​
Thats when all the​ pressure comes down on​ you​ and​ you​ realize that,​ at ​ the​ end of​ the​ ceremony,​ youre going to​ be bound to​ one another for all eternity. ​
For some,​ the​ thought is​ a​ welcome one,​ but for most,​ theres always going to​ be that element of​ uncertainty that causes stress and​ anxiety to​ take root once one partner gets to​ the​ altar. ​
In some cases,​ it​ builds to​ the​ point that one half of​ the​ pair doesnt want anything to​ do with the​ whole affair before the​ organ even starts playing.
For some,​ though,​ all that stress and​ anxiety pales in​ comparison to​ the​ worries that thinking about the​ future might bring. ​
Both bride and​ groom are bound to​ consider some situations and​ possibilities of​ what might happen several decades from the​ wedding itself,​ with some of​ them being perfectly reasonable and​ others bordering on​ psychological horror. ​
Is she just after the​ cash? Will he start looking at ​ other women when she gets old? Will he want kids or​ not? Will the​ kids follow her religion or​ be atheists like him? All of​ these things tend to​ pile up and​ make the​ stress and​ anxiety of​ getting married double,​ or​ even triple in​ some drastic cases.
The fear doesnt even really have to​ come from the​ future,​ as​ quite a​ bit of​ stress and​ anxiety can come from just the​ thought of​ living together. ​
After all,​ you​ only really get to​ know one another when youve lived with each other for extended periods. ​
For those who didnt have a​ long engagement,​ this could easily come into play as​ both parties experience various uncertainties about whether this arrangement is​ the​ right move.
However,​ while all this stress and​ anxiety is​ definitely something to​ be considered,​ these things are not what one should dwell upon the​ day of​ ones wedding. ​
a​ wedding should be a​ happy occasion,​ and​ one that was prepared for several months ahead of​ time. ​
Evaluate whether youre just nervous or​ if ​ youre outright questioning the​ relationship itself. ​
if ​ you​ have stress and​ anxiety the​ day of​ the​ wedding because of​ the​ nature of​ the​ event,​ thats fine. ​
In all likelihood,​ thats a​ perfectly natural reaction. ​
However,​ if ​ youre starting to​ feel nervous because youre not sure youre taking the​ right step with the​ right person,​ then maybe you​ should have thought about that before proposing,​ dont you​ think?

Stress Anxiety And Weddings

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