Stress And Weddings The Making Of Bridezilla

Stress And Weddings The Making Of Bridezilla

Every girl dreams of​ having the​ perfect wedding. From childhood we are bombarded these images of​ perfection in​ glamorous celebrity weddings whose unlimited budgets are reflected in​ the​ designer gowns,​ lavish jewelry,​ multitude of​ guests,​ and sumptuous buffet. For example,​ take Lady Diana Spencer's wedding to​ the​ Prince of​ Wales in​ 1981. During the​ so-called wedding of​ the​ century,​ she wore a​ designer dress with a​ long train that cascaded down the​ aisle of​ Westminster Abbey with matching velvet shoes adorned with diamond buckles. it​ seemed to​ us like a​ fairy tale come true---a princess has finally found her prince.

And so from these images we begin building our own vision of​ the​ perfect wedding. Whether large or​ small,​ we visualize every detail of​ this fantastic event,​ from the​ exact shade of​ white for the​ gowns to​ the​ particular recipe we want to​ use for the​ dessert course. For some women,​ the​ need to​ make everything about the​ day perfect has turned many a​ lovely bride into a​ creature known as​ Bridezilla. Bridezillas make an​ already stressful time in​ their lives even more stressful. And when the​ bride is​ stressed,​ everyone around her becomes stressed as​ well. These creatures subsist on​ nothing but their wedding plans and expect those around them to​ do the​ same. the​ lives of​ Bridezilla's friends and family depend on​ whether or​ not she gets what she wants,​ no matter how expensive or​ impractical it​ is. God help anyone who makes a​ mistake or​ tells her that she can't have what she wants,​ because she will eat you​ alive.

So what fuels the​ rage of​ Bridezilla? Stress.

Planning a​ wedding,​ especially large ones,​ can be difficult. Many brides also have to​ contend with meddling family members,​ budget constraints and time pressure along with the​ usual demands of​ daily life such as​ a​ job and/or children. Some women can handle the​ pressure,​ but others cannot and it​ manifests in​ psychological or​ physical ways. Bridezillas can be susceptible to​ mood swings,​ hysteria and irrational behavior which begins to​ affect the​ other parts of​ her life. But it​ is​ possible to​ avoid becoming a​ Bridezilla and having a​ stress-free wedding by following these tips:

1. Stop obsessing over the​ little details. in​ their quest to​ plan the​ perfect wedding,​ many brides forget that its the​ ceremony itself that's important,​ not the​ trimmings. There's no need to​ get into debt to​ create the​ perfect wedding. Spend your money where it​ counts. Money is​ one of​ the​ most powerful stress triggers,​ but careful spending will go a​ long way in​ easing your worries. Remember that some things in​ life are free.
2. Compromise. There is​ great wisdom in​ the​ saying,​ “Two heads are better than one.” Remember that you​ can't do it​ alone and that you​ don't have the​ monopoly on​ good ideas. Be open for suggestions. Ask your groom if​ he has any special requests that can be incorporated to​ the​ ceremony.
3. Delegate. Some family members may feel that they have the​ right to​ meddle with your wedding plans,​ which often leads to​ many arguments and tears. This creates an​ atmosphere of​ tension that can be extremely tedious and stressful. Try setting a​ specific task to​ each person and let them know that you​ appreciate their help. Deal with these people firmly and with diplomacy and make sure that they understand that you​ and your groom have the​ final say in​ all matters pertaining to​ the​ wedding. if​ all else fails,​ consider hiring a​ wedding planner.
4. Get organized. it​ pays to​ do a​ little research before purchasing a​ service or​ item for the​ wedding. Try attending a​ wedding-themed trade fair or​ similar gatherings for more inspiration. Keep a​ notebook and calendar for matters pertaining to​ the​ wedding,​ detailing what has been done and what else needs to​ be done.
5. Take time off from the​ wedding frenzy. Go away for the​ weekend with your groom,​ or​ treat your self to​ a​ spa date with your friends. Do what helps you​ to​ relax and during that time,​ avoid discussing or​ even thinking of​ your wedding plans. Stepping back helps you​ regain a​ new perspective on​ the​ matter and lessens your level of​ stress.
6. Let it​ go. There are just some things we can't control,​ like the​ weather. Focus on​ what you​ can control,​ and maintain a​ sense of​ humor. Laughing greatly increases your body's release of​ endorphins,​ engendering a​ sense of​ wellbeing and decreasing stress levels.

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