Stress And Fatigue Top Students Concerns About Exam Time

Students across the​ country are gearing up for year-end exams and standardized tests,​ in​ addition to​ meeting class deadlines and heavy homework loads. Unfortunately,​ increased pressure for good grades has many students taking the​ wrong approach when it​ comes to​ exam time preparation.

According to​ a​ survey conducted by the​ Princeton Review and Wrigley,​ more than 85 percent of​ students admit to​ feeling increased stress and tension at​ exam time,​ in​ many cases leading them to​ make less healthy choices.

Under Pressure

Although experiencing a​ little stress can keep students on​ their toes,​ choosing poor stress management techniques can ultimately work against their academic goals. the​ recent survey revealed students are dealing with exam time pressures by snacking during study time (76 percent),​ studying with a​ caffeine buzz (61 percent) and burning the​ midnight oil (41 percent). the​ survey also revealed,​ however,​ that some students are finding ways to​ meet the​ challenges of​ studying for test time,​ such as​ listening to​ classical music (20 percent) and even chewing gum (37 percent). of​ the​ students who chew gum while studying for exams,​ 41 percent do so to​ combat stress and tension and 23 percent to​ increase focus and concentration.

In fact,​ studies have shown that the​ act of​ chewing gum increases blood flow to​ the​ brain by 25 percent and appears to​ improve people's ability to​ retain and retrieve information.

"Chewing gum while performing memory tests can increase memory substantially,​" says Andrew Scholey,​ Ph.D.,​ CPsychol,​ professor,​ Division of​ Psychology,​ and director,​ Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit,​ University of​ Northumbria,​ UK.


Study experts at​ the​ Princeton Review recommend a​ few simple tips to​ help parents and students deal with test-time stress.

• Exercise: Exercise can be an​ excellent way to​ recharge batteries and reduce stress around exam time.

• Care packages: There's nothing like a​ care package from parents to​ lighten students' stress and let them know they are rooting for them. Include items such as​ stress toys,​ a​ classical music CD and healthy snacks such as​ nuts,​ chewing gum or​ dried fruit.

• Create a​ calming and productive atmosphere: an​ effective study area should have good lighting and ventilation,​ a​ comfortable chair and space large enough to​ spread out materials.

• Chew gum: the​ gum experts at​ Wrigley recommend chewing gum to​ relieve stress and tension and to​ help increase focus and concentration during studying and test-taking.
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