Stop Stress Now Ten Proven Techniques

Stop Stress Now Ten Proven Techniques

There's no such thing as​ a​ stress-free life. We face challenges every day,​ and our bodies are designed to​ react automatically,​ equipping us to​ achieve more than we thought possible. But we were also designed to​ deal with stressful events quickly and then recuperate during a​ period of​ rest before facing the​ next threat. Many of​ the​ things that cause us stress today are not easily handled by fighting or​ fleeing. as​ a​ result,​ our bodies are trapped in​ a​ constant state of​ alert,​ and it's killing us.

Stress management tips can be found everywhere,​ but which ones really do the​ trick? After compiling and comparing the​ favorite techniques of​ experts from around the​ world,​ a​ tally of​ the​ votes revealed the​ list that appears below: ten proven techniques guaranteed to​ stop stress.

10. Improve your diet.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. By increasing your antioxidant intake,​ you'll also be fueling your immune system. Choose high-fiber carbohydrates like whole grains or​ sweet potatoes. the​ slower acting carbohydrates will help you​ relax without the​ sugar "crash." Cut down on​ caffeine and drink more water.

9. Get enough rest.

Our bodies are designed to​ repair,​ recharge,​ and refresh while we sleep. Without enough sleep,​ our bodies can't keep up with the​ daily damage of​ stress. in​ fact,​ researchers have discovered that the​ amount of​ sleep we get predicts how long we'll live.

8. Put events in​ perspective.

When you​ are being stressed by some event or​ situation,​ consider its true importance. is​ it​ really a​ matter of​ life or​ death? How important will it​ be a​ month from now? or​ even tomorrow?

7. Think positively.

Think in​ terms of​ solutions,​ not problems. Evaluate each day by reviewing progress and accomplishments instead of​ difficulties and setbacks. it​ probably wasn't really the​ worst day of​ your life.

6. Take a​ time out.

When you've been doing battle for a​ few hours,​ it's OK to​ call time out. Step away from whatever is​ getting to​ you. Give yourself a​ few minutes to​ take a​ deep breath,​ say a​ prayer,​ listen to​ music,​ or​ do nothing at​ all. the​ few minutes of​ work you​ give up will be more than compensated by the​ fresh perspective you​ get from your change of​ focus.

5. Exercise.

Exercise prepares us for the​ battle with stress. it​ helps us look and feel better,​ increases our energy levels,​ and improves our general mood. Exercise enhances our self-esteem and confidence,​ and helps us think more clearly. a​ health club or​ home gym is​ not required. Just do something that's fun and gets you​ moving.

4. Simplify your life.

Not everything in​ our life needs to​ be in​ our life. We all accumulate excess baggage. Simplify by clearing out the​ physical clutter. Give things you​ no longer need to​ people who could use them. Evaluate your everyday tasks and commitments,​ and delegate what you​ can. Keeping your life simple may mean saying no to​ some things so you​ can concentrate on​ what's valuable.

3. Do the​ stuff you​ hate first.

Try to​ tackle your most difficult or​ stressful tasks early in​ the​ day. We are most resilient to​ stress after a​ good night's sleep. Hitting these tasks early puts the​ source of​ our stress behind us. Don't procrastinate and let tasks accumulate. Learn how to​ break big projects up into manageable bits and get started.

2. Do something that you​ love.

Find something you​ love doing,​ something just for you,​ and do more of​ it. at​ least once a​ week spend some uninterrupted time doing something that makes you​ happy. Hike in​ the​ forest. Write a​ poem. Take up a​ hobby. Time spent doing something you​ love will refuel your sense of​ enjoyment and refresh your peace of​ mind.

1. And finally,​ the​ number one stress management technique: Laugh.

There's no other way to​ say it: laughter really is​ the​ best medicine. Studies have confirmed that laughter actually changes our brain chemistry. it​ reduces the​ levels of​ at​ least four stress hormones. a​ good belly laugh produces the​ same cleansing effect as​ deep breathing exercises. Laughter strengthens our immune system and alters our perception of​ pain. Develop your sense of​ humor. Look for the​ humorous side of​ every situation. Think of​ ways to​ inject more humor into your day. Laugh!

There are numerous ways to​ manage stress,​ but there's no one-size-fits-all solution. you​ need to​ discover what works best for you. These top ten techniques are a​ good place to​ start your quest for a​ happier,​ healthier and longer life.

Stop Stress Now Ten Proven Techniques

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